UK Duck Rescue
May 2005

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As a direct response to the state repression concerning the official World Day for Lab Animals march we bent our wrath towards an animal abuse establishment in Lincolnshire. We struck where we would not be suspected, after all we are at war with all forms of animal torture... our target tonight was an intensive duck farm - fueling the greed of Britain's sadistic diet.

As midnight struck, so did we, and the door to the unit was wrenched off of its hinges. Our masked-up commando's slid into the shed, where they were greeted by the calls of thousands of adorable ducklings.

It did not take long for our cell to round up 107 of the delightful birds. The three-week old ducklings, already over sized due to growth hormones, were placed into crates and transported to our vehicles.

As dawn broke over the avian death camp in Lincolnshire, our new found friends were getting accustomed to their new life. It was a joy to behold as they frolicked in grass, and splashed about in their water bowls - the first water they had ever been able to play in. It was a shame that they had not been given the chance to develop their natural water-proofing, but in their new and loving homes, it will not be long before they are swimming with the best of them.


Alf ducks action


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