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Ask Alex Salmond to stand up for lab animals

The European parliament recently voted to further weaken already grossly inadequate laws to protect animals being experimented on in EU Labs.

This includes a section intended to save research firms money by allowing them to kill surplus or 'spent' animals by a heavy blow. You can now legally smash a lab animal with a hammer or against a wall to kill it anywhere in the EU when it's no longer 'useful'.

The new Act also prevents any member states from enacting national legislation to improve lab animal welfare. This it has been claimed is to make countries "equally competitive to business".

Last week Alex Salmond announced that he had sent a personal letter in his capacity as first Minister to the European Commissioners demanding immediate and urgent action on a serious matter.

What was his complaint? That EU legislators had ruled that the soft drink Irn Bru had too much artificial colouring in it and had to remove some.

A very public fan of the drink Salmond was reportedly incensed as it was claimed this would alter it's "iconic" orangey colour and fired a diplomatic firestorm at them for this.

If the guy can jump up and act on a matter as trivial as this then if you're a resident in Scotland tell him to get his finger out and demand action on the EU's betrayal of animals.

Contact him at this address:

Also please sign the petition demanding the UK Govt. stand up to the EU for once and refuse to implement this edict.

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