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"Exotic Meat" in Glasgow

Last saturday Scotland for Animals held one of our regular information stalls this time at the Merchant City Festival in Glasgow.

Despite organising officials and security first trying for some time to evict us from a public street and then attempting to get two passing police officers to arrest us for refusing to move the day was a resounding success with Glaswegians and visitors from all over the globe coming over to show their support for animals and have their photos taken with Bella.

Later in the day as we were leaving a member of the public approached us saying that a barbecue stall was set up just along the road that was claiming to sell Zebra meat.

The pitch was packing up as we went to have a look but on asking around we discovered it belonged to Khublai Khan's restaurant in the Merchant City.

Looking into this we've found khublai Khan's bragging on their website that they can provide:

"Your choice of meats or seafood including such novelties as venison, wild boar, crocodile, ostrich, springbok, zebra, kangaroo and shark" as well as "more mundane meats".

The restaurant claim that they are "Faithfully re-creating the style of cooking favoured by marauding 13th century Mongolian warriors". Aye right you are.

Scotland for Animals have submitted a complaint to Glasgow City Council regarding the sources of this meat and they are now investigating.

In the meantime you can contact Khublai Khan's with your complaints here:

Khublai Khan's
26 Candleriggs Merchant City
Glasgow G1 1LD

43 Assembly Street
EH6 7 BQ

SfA accept that there's realistically no moral difference in killing a zebra or a crocodile for meat than a pig or a chicken. There's more than enough suffering going on with the animals humans farm and slaughter already without people like this trying to expand the market to take in even more species.

All the best


P.s: This saturday's (31st) stall will be at the Shawlands Arcade from 1pm. Take a run along.


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