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Save Felix Day, August 4, 2007

Wherever you live in the UK or even the world you can now help us to help Felix. SPEAK appreciate the fact that it's not always easy to get to Oxford or to other areas of the UK where we might be holding an event. If you live in another country it is even more difficult.

Therefore, why not hold an event in your area? It doesn't matter how large or small it is. What matters is that everyone who truly cares about ending the barbaric and fraudulent practice of vivisection highlights the plight of Felix. The country, and indeed the world needs to be told the truth about Oxford University and the horrific suffering Felix will be going through.

We are asking activists all over the world to unite on the 4th August and SPEAK out for Felix and all animals imprisoned and suffering inside Oxford University. This worldwide event will be known as Felix Solidarity Day; a day when everyone, no matter where they live, can join SPEAK in its Fight to save Felix.

Live outside the UK but want to help us to Free Felix? Then why not hold a demo outside the British Embassy or British Consulate in your country. The British Government has the power to release Felix.

Felix at this moment sits alone in a barren cage. See for yourself: Please watch the video. The sad truth is that the experiments on Felix have no doubt already started. He will be alone, confused and almost certainly in pain. Felix has no one to help him but us. He is surrounded by people who only want to do him harm and if we don't act NOW, the very same people who have inflicted unimaginable horrors on him will kill him; a fine reward for quietly enduring so much misery. They will have no remorse. They are incapable of having any empathy with a living sentient creature who they see as nothing more than a tool, something to abuse and then once they have finished abusing they will dispatch without a moment's thought for the poor creature they have used so horribly.

But we can't let Felix die without fighting to save him. Save him we can, and save him we must. Felix needs US ALL and he needs us NOW. Felix might be just one of millions of animals killed in the name of a fraudulent scientific practice, but he is a symbol for all those many millions of poor creatures languishing and brutalised in vivisection laboratories around the world.

SPEAK have prepared information packs, which people can use on stalls or at any event they plan. These packs will consist of Felix leaflets and posters; leaflets that tell the Felix horror story as well as leaflets that expose the fraudulent nature of the type of Parkinson's research that Tipu Aziz is conducting on Felix. Packs will also contain petition forms and posters and a DVD. Please contact us and book your information pack today. If you want ideas on what you can do to help or what sort of event to put on please contact us for advice.

Email us about your event and we'll post it along with a link to your website on this page: .
Simply fill out the form on the page or send your name, organisation, contact details (email, phone, etc.), website, and details about your planned event to felixsolidarity@speakcampaigns .org.

The more ideas we share, the more effective we can be.

The Fighting to Free Felix campaign can only be maintained and grow with financial help from those that support us. Leaflets and posters are free to anyone that requests them, but it takes finances to print and distribute them as well as the cost of postage. General advertising and organising demonstrations all take financing.

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