Honorable Officials, Ladies, Gentlemen,

As an educator and concerned citizen, I was horrified to learn ( that Scotland's island of Sula Sgeir is home to an extraordinarily cruel event known as the Guga hunt and that Scottish National Party MP Angus MacNeil has confirmed that he will be personally taking part in this year's Guga hunt on the Isle of Lewis, Na h-Eileanan An Iar. It is not unusual for politicians/elected officials to show their support for local "traditions", but this is beyond the pale and there can be no justification whatsoever for any official to support, defend and participate in something that is clearly abusive, cruel and inhumane.

Shame on Scotland! It does not get much more outrageous and appalling than beating a living creature to death, as he/she suffers in the process. How can civilized and caring people look the other way? How can elected officials condone this hideous and senseless abuse of living, sentient beings? What is the lesson you are teaching our children by allowing this obscenity to take place with the stamp of approval of government officials? Not all traditions are equal, nor deserving of being preserved. This is one that should be relegated to the dustbin of history.

I urge you to take immediate action to put an end to this shameful medieval display of ignorance, insensitivity and lack of compassion. It is a "teachable moment" and I hope you will use it to do just that: teach your children and citizens that compassion and the humane treatment of all creatures outweighs any other needs or concerns. I await your response and want to thank you in advance, for doing the right thing.

Zelda Penzel,
President People for the End of Animal Cruelty and Exploitation -- PEACE

"It is time we as a species stopped using the old cultural relativism argument. It has been used for centuries to delay social progress; if we all maintained our original culture all humans would still be living in caves."

"Brutalising animals in this way under the guise of tradition has no place in modern society."

 "For such "traditions" are no longer relevant; anymore than the past 'traditions' of slavery, cannibalism or the ritualistic murders of innocents as offerings to the "Gods".

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