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A Militant AR group claims responsibility for arson attack at a rabbit farm

A MILITANT animal rights group has claimed responsibility for an arson attack at a rabbit farm in Lincolnshire.

It is understood that police are looking closely at the chilling claim after a white Mercedes Sprinter van was set on fire at the premises in Normanby-by-Spital, near Market Rasen.

Firefighters attended the blaze in yard at Highgate Farm at about 2.20am on Monday.

The farm, which supplies rabbits to Huntingdon Life Sciences' Cambridgeshire lab, has been the targeted by animal rights extremists twice before.

Now it appears a group called Militant Forces Against Huntingdon Life Sciences (MFAH) says the attack was its handiwork.

According to the website of the Austrian Times, the Austrian branch of MFAH last year admitted torching a Tyrolean hunting lodge, the owner of which has connections with Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Bite Back magazine, based in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, which publishes news of animal rights direct action, say it has received an anonymous claim of responsibility for the incident at Highgate Farm, apparently from MFAH.

"In the early hours of Monday, July 19, Highgate Farm in Lincolnshire, UK, was visited and information was gathered to be used in the future against this lab animal breeder," the disturbing and offensive statement, which appears on the magazine's website, says.

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