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From Keith Mann, November 2008

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"Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information and religions destroy spirituality."
      -Michael Ellner

Since I overcame the cloudy negative restraints imposed on me during my formative years of state sponsored schooling and instead learnt to prioritise life on this planet and to think for myself I have become exposed to an extraordinarily different picture to their version. Fractions, logarithms, official history and religion were one thing but the world outside the rigid curriculum quite something else. Relevant in fact!

The gross use of other animals is but a part, albeit a significant one, of the problem we face on this planet and addressing this is an essential ingredient in the healing process. Our world is governed by ruthless, heartless monsters who lack all empathy and compassion and whose goal is absolute power and control over all life on this Earth. No, sadly, they haven't yet got enough.

I found my place sabotaging hunting events and sneaking into farms and laboratories to expose the horrors they hide. I have personally experienced the incomprehensible force directed at people who want to save animals from their short, tortuous existence and see the increase in this anger as more of us seek to bring change. It's clear there is a concerted attempt from those who control human society to slow down the inevitable climb into a higher level of consciousness and compassion.

Their attempts to slow me down as I've sought to adjust the direction of our world have included prison sentences totalling seven and a half years, endless raids on my homes and those of close friends and cowardly low level intimidation. Most recently they arrived mob handed from a Hampshire Police HQ in search of half a dozen battery hens they thought I had rescued from waste pits below battery cages they'd escaped from. These wretched creatures would have died a slow death in dark stinking sheds but the enforcers of this retarded structure they call an advanced society came not to complement me on my ingenuity or compassion rather to take my computers and phone books and Why Vegan leaflets and sneer about tasty chicken nuggets and make threats.

It's this incompatible human behaviour that motivates me. I want to live somewhere that people are nurtured to be nice. So, here goes today's attempt to partake information that may assist me in that goal. This page is here to share news and information that I believe people should know. Knowledge is power which is precisely why so much of it is hidden from us. We know so little of the reality of life around us that its mind boggling for many people to accept the real version of events or even a sniff of them. Thinking for oneself removes the comfort zone we have had created for us. That's one very negative thing to do for those whose suffering we hide ourselves from, the farm animals are a classic example of this, but our complicity through inaction leads to an endless stream of distress, discomfort and death as these animals are churned out for human consumption. It becomes less and less of an option to ignore this situation the more you realise the awesome connotations of this which are looming large for every human being on this planet.

Anyone who is serious about changing things while believing the traditional methods of bringing that change are sufficient will I hope have a look at some of the evidence that exists that indicates quite clearly that most of what we call the real world is in fact an illusion. A web of deceit and omission designed to keep us hidden from the true nature of what we are and are capable of being. Today is the day to take one step back, have a look at what we haven't been told and look again at the way forward. You and those you love depend on you. Your life is in the hands of very twisted controllers and if you look around the world you can see they don't care for the misery and destruction they've wrought. You'd be forgiven for thinking that they thrive on it and that's a very real probability.

While in prison I begun to pen a volumous collection of stories interlinking the history of the Animal Liberation Movement and the pivotal role of the Animal Liberation Front. This was a mammoth task and so long overdue and it took me 15 years to complete. The response since release has been truly overwhelming. I wrote a good book that tells a fascinating story of an ideal that is leading the way to a more inclusive, loving society. Order yours now, all 650 pages including 140 images and we'll include at least one free DVD that will captivate you.

Check out the trailer of one,* *a kind of moving version of the book:

This film is inspiring audiences everywhere with its fast paced upbeat look at the real world of the ALF liberator which is a world away from the hysterical media version we are fed.

You can buy the book, From Dusk til Dawn, for �14.99 plus �4.20 postage from BM 2636 London WC1N 3XX. It is also available to buy securely online using PayPal (a PayPal account is not required, just a valid debit or credit card)


All this will be revealing enough and I hasten to add it's not a distressing collection of horror scenes you might be tempted to shy from. This film is exciting and reveals the reality of a huge subject and yet is only the tip of a very, very big iceberg.

What say everything you have been brought up to believe was wrong? And I mean everything! What would evidence of life on Mars mean to your daily life? Probably not a lot. What would proof of US ruling elite's leading role in the attacks of September 11 mean to you? What about the glaring oddities in the media version of the 7/7 bombings in London that make that story impossible? Now it's getting closer to home. Where would this leave the War on (people) Terror they started? What if you were to discover that just about every other major negative event in history including the current financial meltdown, wars, terrorist attacks and assassinations and were deliberately orchestrated by bloodlines of interbreeding families who can be traced back to antiquity and who can be found today at the top of the pyramid of control that dominates all our lives? What if it was they who created the various religions to divert us from the weirdest of stories about what happened on Earth a few thousand years ago? That they control governments and both sides in democratic elections. What if you found out that the Texan wide boy George W Bush was the 13th cousin of the current Queen of England and that most US presidents are related to each other?

Weird, eh? And it gets weirder If you choose to sit in the dark and think none of this is relevant to the story that has broken then you are in for a rude awakening. The evidence is there you just have to remove preconceptions you may have and look at it.

If you /know/ how things work and the best ways of dealing with them then there's nothing for you here. These ideas for you will probably be what are lazily dismissed as "conspiracy theories", things that just happen by chance or coincidence. Too many coincidences now for that to make any sense! Perhaps we just have to wait for things to turn good when the right politician 'gets in'? We tried that and it doesn't work. It isn't designed to.

If you /think /you know what's going on but want to learn then please switch off your TV because it's poisoning you and tuck in to the real news. Joining of the dots for oneself leads to new thinking about how we can fix the mess we are in, for me that has got to be worth at least a little look!

What if the so called conspiracy theories - the non media view of things - are all just that, theories? Phew! Then a little research will have given you both sides of these intriguing stories and you will have gained some new knowledge to enable you to dispel the growing discontent people close to you will more and more express about them, and you can save them from wasting their energy by explaining all the facts! What if the coincidence theory idea is wrong and there is something sinister afoot? Then we are all in very big trouble because this is the most sinister plot of them all and it's becoming more transparent by the day.

The New World Order is an Agenda that has been in the making for many, many years and what it has in store for each and every one of us should be known to all.

In the not too distant future their intention is to have us all totally controlled by a central government. Look at the state of the world now and imagine those who manipulate Bush & Blair, Obama, Cameron and Brown in charge of everything and everyone alive! This is the plan, a One World Government which ultimately includes microchips for all. Still not sure if this shit should take your attention? Look around as they take away at the rest of your freedoms, except those to watch TV and shop. What if food labelling rules are abandoned to the extent that GM crops can be included in your diet without your knowledge? You won't be able to buy anything organic as control of your food lands in the hands of the pharma monsters whose role is killing people and animals en masse and who clearly have no conscience. Flouride was used by the Nazis to subdue concentration camp prisoners and its spread today is equally as sinister. Buying food supplements and healing herbs is going to become illegal soon and pretty much all food will be irradiated as the standard! Are they trying to kill us? You better believe it. Do some research on Codex Ailmentarius which becomes law in December 2009, it could save your life.

Don't be one of those coincidence theorist do your own thinking. And no, there is nowhere you can hide from this no country to move to to protect yourself. You have to switch on right now. Give your power to these people and you deserve all you get but remember it isn't just you who will suffer.

Give the goggle box a rest and tune in to something real.

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