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Real Animal League Fights Back


We, the Real Animal League, have discovered that malicious LIES are being spread by the fascists who made the twisted so called 'documentary' Blooded - . We will not stand for it so we're setting the record straight and telling the TRUTH so these tory hunting scum don't get away with their treachery and lies.

Anyone who wants to see and find out the TRUTH of what really happened should go to and you'll see the REAL footage of our brave warriors teaching the pro-hunt MURDERERS a lesson they'll never forget. If the pathetic police and politicians won't do anything to stop the illegal slaughtering of innocent Non-Human animals then we will -- by whatever means necessary. This is what really happened:

The snivelling confessions of their cruelty and misery they caused prove their guilt of the crimes they committed: DON'T LET ANYONE MAKE YOU BELIEVE IT HAPPENED ANY DIFFERENT.



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