July 13, 2007

Animal rights activists say they are stepping up their campaign against Cheltenham restaurants selling foie gras. They targeted The Queen's Hotel and Monty's restaurant on Thursday night.

Police were called to Monty's, in St George's Road, following a complaint of customer intimidation. Protesters were holding placards with the words 'Force fed until they're dead' on them.

They say they'll be targeting Cheltenham's restaurants every day next week.

A 23-year-old activist from Cheltenham called Chris, who refused to give his full name, said: "We spoke to the manager and he said foie gras would be coming off the menu in August, but it's a seasonal dish so it wouldn't be sold then anyway.

"We want a full ban on its sale. It's illegal to produce foie gras in this country, but not to have it imported. We want people to think with their feet."

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