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Shac City Shakedown 27 February 2009


The City of London trembled on Friday as Animal Rights protesters marched its streets in what has been one of the largest Animal Rights turnouts since some unlucky activists got 50 years.

Shac City Shakedown 27 February 2009 - London, The City - video/quicktime 16M

With HLS' share price now the lowest it has ever been in four years, the unjust incarceration of SHAC campaigners and the latest images of monkeys being abused inside HLS from the latest expose by ADI, there was no better time to stand up and show the animal abusing money men that HLS are a bad investment and we will carry on the fight to close HLS.

Around 300 people traveled from around the country (and some from around the world!) to gather by the Bank of England, the only bank in the world to give HLS banking facilities at the behest of the Government for a loud and vibrant demonstration against the financial supporters of HLS in the centre of London.

The march aimed to publicly show the financial investors, or even prospective investors, that we won't tolerate puppies being thrown around, monkeys being cut open alive and other innocent animals suffering in silence. Of our anger, passion, focus and determination to carry on the fight despite repressive laws and long jail sentences that some SHAC campaigners have received.

The march started off in front of the Bank of England with 20 or so journalists and photographers who followed the protest march around a circular route of 2 miles around the city's financial district.

First stop on the march was Barclays bank on Wormwood street, who are part of Barclays Plc, which saw an impromptu banner drop from the bridge directly above Barclays to get the message to the people of London exactly what Barclays are supporting. Barclays are HLS' biggest shareholder and also the biggest shareholder of the NYSE Euronext with massive influence on their policies. Barclays could use their power to close HLS, yet they continue to hold these blood money shares. After a short, but loud demonstration, the protest march moved along to target two--

JP Morgan, 125 London Wall, London, EC2Y 5AJ
JP Morgan were next on the list, and although the police herded people into a small space which was not directly outside the offices, this HLS and NYSE investor were left in no doubt what to expect when they deal in animal abuse.

Merrill Lynch, 100 Newgate Street, London EC1A 1HQ
AXA Investment Managers, 7 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7NX
Next was a double demo stop on a corner of two double shareholders on Newgate Street, AXA and Merrill Lynch. While hundreds of activists showed their anger at AXA from one side of the corner, those facing Merrill Lynch also showed them that dealing in animal torture is not acceptable. Merrill Lynch are large NYSE shareholders and have a small amount of HLS shares. AXA have recently bought shares in HLS again, despite their assurances that they would not deal with HLS anymore and had got a 'new' ethical policy. AXA are also a large shareholder of NYSE as well. Both have blood on their hands and will remain targets until they end their involvement in animal cruelty.

Barclays Bank Plc, Condor House, 10 St Paul's Churchyard
En route we stopped momentarily at an unannounced destination, Barclays Plc, opposite the steps of St. Paul's where onlookers where left in no doubt about the strength of feeling of the protest. Hidden on the fourth floor of a lavish building. Barclays probably thought they wouldn't have to deal with SHAC on this special day, but we made sure otherwise and let them know we knew exactly where they were and all about the dirty shares they own in HLS and the NYSE Euronext.

Liffe and NYSE Euronext, Cannon Bridge House, 1 Cousin Lane, London EC4R 3XX
Last stop of the official route was of course NYSE Euronext. NYSE are currently keeping HLS open by allowing their shares on their Arca exchange. HLS (ticker symbol LSR). Even though they don't even meet two of the minimum listing requirements of the NYSE, so they are no longer obliged even to list this cruel, rapidly sinking and desperate company. Time to jump the sinking ship while you still can! NYSE Euronext were left in no doubt as to why we were there, how angry we are that they let innocent animals suffer and die while they sit back and ignore their pain. With hundreds of people gathered with megaphones, air horns, banners and very loud voices we were hard to miss. Do the right thing NYSE, kick LSR off your exchange!

AIG, 58 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 4AB
Finally, what a better way to finish a demo' with more demos! After the main march had dispersed, around 30 people made their way to HLS shareholder AIG, conveniently situated opposite a Barclays branch. There the remaining activists split into two and carried out loud demonstrations against these profiteers in animal abuse. During the day thousands of leaflets were given out to supportive and interested passers-by.

Another very public protest march naming and shaming the animal abusers and those who profit from it, and we'll be back day in day out until no more animals have to suffer and die inside HLS. Thanks to everyone who came on the day and showed their support. Together we are strong!

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