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SPEAK forms a political wing

SPEAK Campaigns have today announced the formation of a political wing of the organisation, in what would appear to be an attempt at widening their campaigning strategy.

A posting on the SPEAK Campaigns website has announced that SPEAK campaigns has decided to form a political wing to the organisation that will be called 'SPEAK Political'. The website announcement states: "The formation of SPEAK Political will have no effect on SPEAK Campaigns, which will continue exactly as before. SPEAK Political is a completely separate entity that will operate alongside SPEAK Campaigns offering an additional way forward."

The group declares that its intention isn't to win seats as the present electoral system in the UK doesn't allow independent parties to gain seats. Rather, the role of SPEAK Political is to "stand against incumbent MP's who are outspokenly anti-animal, such as Dr Evan Harris Liberal Democrat MP for Oxford, as well as Labour MP's with small majorities. We do not intend to stand in every area, but in specific targeted seats where there is an issue of animal welfare. In real terms, all we need to do is lose some of these people their seats in order to gain genuine political influence and move animal rights to the top of the political agenda."

When asked by Arkangel as to the motivation behind the new initiative a spokesperson for SPEAK commented: "For too long now the question of animal rights has been seen as an appendage of all political parties' manifestos. It has never been taking seriously by any party in the political arena. Where parties do mention it, it is usually an after thought and tagged on at the end of a manifesto in the hope that it may gain that particular party a few more votes in an election. No party in the present political system cares about the plight of the animals.

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