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Animal welfare Charity call on justice system to crack down on animal cruelty

Animal Welfare Charity Scotland for Animals have called on the Scottish police and justice system to take real action to tackle the alarming rise in animal cruelty cases across the country. the situation has been highlighted over the past few months with high profile cases including the recent conviction of Clarkston man Anthony John Docherty who will be sentenced on 2nd June at Paisley Sheriff Court for scalping, sexually assaulting and decapitating cats which he hunted on the streets.

Scotland for Animals' Spokesperson John Patrick stated "These cases are just the tip of the iceberg unfortunately. If our justice system fail to investigate animal cruelty thoroughly and hand down appropriate sentences when these people are convicted this situation can only get worse."

"Not only are those responsible a danger to animals they are also a danger to the wider community, the link between animal abuse and violence towards people, especially women and children is now well documented, this was tragically proven with the recent case of Baby Peter in England who suffered and died at the hands of a man who had a long and well known history of torturing animals. The Scottish public want tough action now and we intend to push for a change in attitudes through lobbying legislators in parliament and officials in the judiciary."

"Today it's an animal, tomorrow it might be our kids"

Scotland for animals' supporters will be present at Paisley Sheriff Court on tuesday 2nd June from 9.30 am for the sentencing of Anthony John Docherty in order to publicise this situation. Photo and interview opportunities will be available on day. 

Notes to Editor

Scotland for Animals are a grassroots charity campaigning for the welfare of animals in Scotland. Previously known as 1World Scotland we hold educational activities and public demonstrations across the country along with case investigation, rescue and political and corporate lobbying. We have a seat on the Cross Party animal Welfare Committee at the Scottish parliament and our achievements have included setting legal precedent on the labelling of Religious Slaughter products in Scotland and the blocking of planning permission for the construction of what was to be one of Europe's largest chicken units in the Scottish Borders.


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