Glasgow Central Mosque, the main Mosque in Scotland is to hold a "Be Halal day" on Sunday 10th October. Advertised as "a fun day for all the family" this event is being held to promote halal products to the public.

The main sponsors of this day are the Halal Monitoring Committee who along with Glasgow Mosque "leaders" condemn all forms of stunning and insist animals are fully conscious during slaughter. The HMC say this is essential so the animal is "denied the benefits" of the Islamic blessing as it won't hear it if it's unconscious. They also use a report from the 1970's, who's author actually announced it as flawed years later to provide 'evidence' that stunning is cruel, Glasgow Mosque support them in this.

This be halal day appears to be yet another move to increase the amount of halal produce being sold in Scotland. In the biggest City Glasgow, there are many areas including the city centre where it is now very difficult to purchase food which is either non-halal or from outlets which stock halal. Most of it isn't labelled or declared.

This is not only a question of animal welfare but also a serious human rights issue. Article 9 of the Human Rights Act 1998 makes provision for the protection not only of religious practice but also the right not to participate in religion or it's ceremonies.

As all halal and kosher meat has been produced as part of a religious ritual purchasers are not only by default participating in this ritual but also funding the religions who carry these out. If the public aren't being told what they're buying their being forced into this without their consent.

We have reached out to many Muslim and Jewish organisations, including Glasgow Mosque offering to take part in dialogue and provide scientific evidence that the Islamic/ Jewish methods of slaughter cause added pain and distress. None have agreed to talk or respond to facts.

Judging by what we know and speaking in confidence to staff and vets Scotland for Animals would say that there is almost certainly serious brutality and abuse of animals in every slaughterhouse in the UK. With good legislation and strong enforcement in place this could however be stopped.

With ritually slaughtered meat now flooding the market enforcing the legislation that animals should be unconscious while they are having their throats slashed and hung up to bleed to death will soon be impossible as it won't apply.

Good people fought long and hard to make slaughter more humane, please don't let this be cancelled out.

Scotland for Animals would like to repeat that our time and support is always available to any Muslims or Jews who are concerned about ritual slaughter and would like to get in touch. Drop us a line at anytime.

See sample letter/ email below and contacts connected with event. *Please keep all correspondence polite and constructive at all times*

Dear Sir/ Madam

I am writing regarding your participation in Glasgow's "Be Halal" event.

I would like to express my deep concern at the animal welfare implications surrounding Halal meat and it's sale in outlets without this being clearly stated. For scientific evidence on the adverse welfare implications of non-stunning please visit www.scotlandforanimals/religiousslaughter.html

I am aware that the Quran explicitly states that animals should not suffer during slaughter or the meat will be rendered Haram. As non-stunning clearly causes increased pain and stress to these animals I ask that you please support proper enforced stunning for all halal meat.

I will be boycotting and asking everybody I know to boycott all organisations and firms connected to this event.

Yours faithfully

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