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Coalition Govt. caught out re: circus animals

The Tory/ LibDem coalition have been exposed as lying about their decision not to ban the use of animals in circuses due to a current court case in Austria brought by circus companies to overrule a ban there.

DEFRA Minister Jim Paice claimed that as this issue was sub judice they couldn't bring in a ban even if they wanted to (which he clearly stated they didn't anyway). This was an attempt to mislead campaigners and MPs who support a ban.

You can write to Secretary of State for DEFRA Caroline Spelman here:  and ask why this liar is still in his tax payer funded job. Please include your postal address in email and state that you are contacting Spelman in her capacity as Govt. Minister.

You can also contact your MP here and ask for action against Paice and DEFRA:

As we've already mentioned the large UK organisations have been asking for support from you for their efforts in London to bring about a ban at Westminster. As the Scottish Govt. and MSPs have legal authority to ban the use of animals in circuses under devolved powers Scotland for Animals ask all of you North of the Border to please get behind our own campaign for a ban.

We'll be sending out a bulletin shortly with details on how you can help.

Above: Still from footage of Flora the elephant being violently beaten with an iron bar by Roger Cawley of Chipperfields Circus (Courtesy-Animal Aid)

For Anne and Flora the elephants, Trudy the Chimp and all other animals brutalised for entertainment let's work together to send animal circuses into the same historical dustbin as bull baiting.

You can see exchange in House of Commons where DEFRA were caught here (thanks to Patricia Tricker of the Vegan Society for this): cm110519/debtext/110519-0001.htm#11051950000005

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