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Human Rights Commission Scotland launch attack on animal charity

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Equality and Human Rights Commission Scotland launch attack on animal charity

The Equality and Human Rights Commission Scotland have launched an attack on animal welfare charity Scotland for Animals over their campaign for compulsory labelling of Religious Slaughter products and rubbished members of the public concerned that their rights are being breached without this.

The government quango have stated that they do not believe the public have the right to be informed that they are purchasing these products even though a huge number of consumers wish to avoid these products because of the animal cruelty involved. Animals slaughtered in this way are not protected by even the most basic UK legislation at time of slaughter as Muslim and Jewish religious methods are exempt from the law.

Branding the issue as "irrelevant" and "not a rights issue" the EHRC then went on to accuse the charity of "misrepresenting itself" and accusing those who oppose Religious Slaughter of having a "hidden agenda" and of "not being who they seem".

Scotland for Animals Spokesperson John Patrick stated "We're very concerned that the EHRC have chosen to launch an attack on the public for asking that their human rights be upheld, surely this is the whole point of the existence of this body".

"EHRC Scotland receive around £3.6 million of taxpayers money every year, they should be protecting the rights of everyone".

"In the course of our campaign we're working closely with legislators and the public including members of the Muslim and Jewish communities, many of whom are opposed to the cruelty currently involved in Religious Slaughter methods and wish to see compulsory labelling themselves. We're confused at the EHRC's attitude and reluctance to do anything about this rights issue".

A formal complaint has been lodged with the EHRC Scotland regarding the matter.

Note to Editor

Amongst other issues Scotland for Animals are currently campaigning for compulsory labelling of Religious Slaughter products in Scotland. This is attracting support from across the political spectrum and an increasing number of Scottish consumers.
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