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Scotland Protesting Against Halal

Will you stand up for your rights and the rights of animals?

You'll no doubt have seen recent media coverage concerning the rapidly rising amount of halal meat being sold to mostly unaware consumers.

Scotland for Animals have been campaigning for a complete ban on halal and kosher slaughter for some years now. Despite obstruction from authorities and bodies such as Trading Standards and the Food Standards Agency, not to mention blanket reluctance from politicians to even discuss the issue we have continued to press hard for clear labelling of all ritual slaughter products by law.

Animals already suffer horrendously in our abattoirs but we now see a situation where more and more slaughtering plants are switching to killing animals without prior stunning or being subjected to the useless "Low Amperage Stun-to-Stun" technique (see  for details). This is making a terrible situation far worse and is slowly making laws designed to minimise animal suffering not worth the paper they're written on.

The level of halal meat being sold to unsuspecting consumers in the UK has now reached a ridiculous level. Not only do we now see halal meat sold in all the major supermarkets and restaurants, takeaways, bars, etc. but being served without warning in our Parliaments, schools and other public institutions.

According to the BBC halal meat now accounts for over a quarter of all meat sold across Britain.

Those who carry out religious slaughter cite their "human rights" to torture animals in the name of god, we're now demanding that those of us who want to see animals free from pain and fear have our human rights protected by law too.

Will you stand with us?

Contact the Equality and Human Rights Commission and ask for action to ensure people know when they're being sold meat sourced from sacrificial ceremonies. Jewish and Muslim groups have long resisted any attempt to label these products as they know that when most consumers are aware of the circumstances in which their meat was produced they would boycott halal and kosher stockists. Ritual slaughter's a multi-million pound industry which would suffer serious financial damage as a result.

See below sample email, please feel free to personalise. Courtesy copies go to Equalities Ministers Theresa May/ Lynne Featherstone, DEFRA Minister Caroline Spelman and Agriculture Minister Jim Paice. Also send a copy to your MP, go to  and follow the instructions.

Henry Grunwald QC, chairman of Shechita UK who lobby to keep religious slaughter legal recently admitted that compulsory labelling "will have a significant impact on the kosher meat industry across Europe." Halal lobbyists have also been quoted as claiming that compulsory labelling "would effectively act as a barrier to trade" and would "create an unnecessary layer of regulatory expense"*

Let's make this the turning point. Together we can start to pull the rug from under the ritual slaughter business.

Sample email:

Re: Ritual Slaughter/ Human Rights Act

FAO Trevor Phillips

CC: Lynne Featherstone MP, Caroline Spelman MP, Theresa may MP, Jim Paice MP

Dear Mr Phillips

I am alarmed to discover the widespread sale of ritual slaughter products (halal/ kosher) mostly without labelling or advertisement.

By purchasing these products without knowledge that they are such I am being forced to participate in and fund religious ritual without my consent. As i wish to neither fund nor participate in these religious rituals at any stage including point of sale I believe this to be a breach of my rights under Article 9 of the Human Rights Act 1998.

As religious communities in the UK have secured a legal exemption in order to carry out these acts which I find deeply offensive I feel that there should be a stipulation that foods sourced in this way should be clearly advertised and labelled. As these goods are on sale to the general population and not just the communities concerned this would protect my and everyone else's right not to purchase these products or from any premises or firms which stock them.

It is reasonable that the public should be able to expect that any products on general sale have not been sourced via religious ceremony/ ritual sacrifice unless explicitly stated.

I would be grateful if you could please take action now with regards to this matter. I look forward to your reply with details of how you intend to address this breach of the law.

I have forwarded a copy of this email to my MP and Scotland for Animals.

Yours sincerely

If you're in Scotland email to these addresses:

In England:

In Wales:





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