At Birmingham crown court Mon 3rd Sept 07, 12 anti-Sequani defendants were officially split into 2 groups.

A group of seven are charged with "conspiracy to interfere with an animal research organisation" (sec.145 socpa) and the remaining group of five are charged with alleged 'substantive' (individual) offences under sec.145 socpa.

Each group will be tried on seperate dates and will not appear as a group again at the same court hearing in the future.

The alleged "conspirators" appear again at B'ham crown on Oct 12th 07 and their trial officially begins at B'ham crown on Jan 2nd 08.

All 7 alleged "conspirators" handed in 'not guilty' pleas at B'ham crown court Mon 3rd Sept 07.

If the initial 7 are convicted on alleged "conspiracy" the remaining 5 would face trial in or around Spring 08.

The "conspirators" trial is likely to last 8 - 12 weeks beginning in January 08.

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