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Dan Lyons sent a message to the members of Uncaged - Animal Rights.

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Subject: Be inspired by International Animal Rights Day

Dear Uncaged member

Uncaged's International Animal Rights Day on 10 December is a unique global campaign to spread a new ethic of compassion towards our fellow species. Through positive, peaceful work in solidarity with animal rights advocates across the world, Uncaged is empowering our historic cause in the vital battle for hearts and minds.     

This year, thanks to the participation of thousands of amazing campaigners, over 160 different animal rights actions have taken place spread across Ireland, Italy (69 actions in 51 cities), France (over 35 actions), Russia, Canada, Israel, Luxembourg, South Africa, USA, Sweden, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Croatia, Greece, Ukraine, and 42 actions in the UK.

Please visit our website (http://www.facebook .com/l/c0cb1; www.uncaged. htm) to see our second wave of reports and photos from across the globe. You can also see our photo gallery (http://www.facebook .com/l/c0cb1; com/photos/ animal_rights_ day_2006/ sets/72157622888 802859/) for comprehensive coverage, where it would be great to post comments in solidarity with our fellow animal advocates who are on the frontline of compassionate change. As well as providing support for each other and thus strengthening our movement, there are loads of great campaigning ideas to learn from some amazingly creative actions. One of the many that caught my eye was Animal Rights Sweden's idea of offering free coffee to people on their campaign stand!

Here's a few dates for your diary:

Sunday 24th January, 1.15-6pm, at the East Anglia Animal Rights meeting at the Ross Street Community Centre in Cambridge. I'm giving a talk entitled "Animal Rights in the Real World: Obstacles and Opportunities" , and my partner and Uncaged co-founder Angela Roberts (NDip) will be giving a talk on Vegan Nutrition. 

April 23rd, Foresight Centre, University of Liverpool, "Animal(s) Matter(s)" Conference will bring academics and activists together to consider future ways of addressing the radical implications of critical work on understanding and dealing with non-human animals. There will be a number of expert speakers, including myself. (http://www.facebook .com/l/c0cb1; uk/philosophy/ events/conferenc es/animals_ matter/index. htm)

Saturday May 8th - Global Boycott Procter & Gamble Day (http://www.facebook .com/l/c0cb1; www.uncaged. htm)

Sometime before June 3rd - UK General Election. We'll be organising our Protecting Animals in Democracy campaign to empower voters to raise their animal protection concerns and put this issue on to the political agenda. (http://www.facebook .com/l/c0cb1; www.vote4animals

Yours for animal rights
Dr Dan Lyons
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