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British animal activists outraged at plans for beagle 'factory'

Plans to build Britain's biggest beagle "factory" have prompted protests by animal rights organisations.

Campaigners fear that if the breeding centre - which could hold more than 2000 beagles bred for scientific experimentation - is allowed to go ahead, it will result in government pledges to reduce the numbers of animals involved in experiments being broken.

Tens of thousands of people have objected to plans by a United States firm for what is believed would be Britain's second beagle breeding centre providing dogs for research. Protesters yesterday held demonstrations outside council offices in Beverley, Humberside and the Planning Inspectorate headquarters in Bristol to object to the proposals.

The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, which has submitted a petition with more than 28,000 signatures, said the number of dogs used in experiments in Britain may increase because of availability, if the plans are approved.

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