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Deer farm 'attack by protesters'
March 23, 2006

Police are investigating an alleged attack by animal rights protesters on a family-run deer farm in Fife.

The owners of Reediehill deer farm in Auchtermuchty said hundreds of metres of fencing had been destroyed in an apparent bid to let the deer escape.

Slogans including "Scum" and "This is a wildlife prison" were also left in paint on the farm property.

Fife police are investigating the incident, which happened between Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Reediehill, which breeds red deer and runs a venison business, has been run for more than 30 years by the Fletcher family and was the first commercial deer farm in the country.

'Similar' attacks

Stella Fletcher said she and her parents Nicola, 54, and John, 59, were horrified to discover the damage in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Ms Fletcher, 28, said their suspicions about the culprits were aroused after the letters, "ALF", standing for the Animal Liberation Front, were painted on their property.

"I feel pretty disgusted with it," she said.

"We are aware that there have been attacks on similar places throughout the UK. But this isn't a battery farm - far from it.

"There is plenty of room and the deer are killed in the most humane way possible.

"But maybe some people just don't agree with what we do, whether they understand it or not."

Ms Fletcher said she was not aware that any of the 400 to 500 deer at the farm had escaped through the gaps which had been made in the fences, adding that the animals had been contained in another field.

She said: "It must have happened during the night and they must have been at it for some time because of the huge amount of damage that was done."

Ms Fletcher added: "The problem is that we don't have any way to communicate with these people.

"We'd like to get in touch with them and let them see the work that we do here, but we're just not able to do that."


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