Released wild boar seen near city


Wild boar thought to have been from a herd set free by animal activists in north Devon have been photographed a few miles from Plymouth.

The boar are thought to have travelled more than 50 miles

Four animals were photographed by a rambler walking on Dartmoor at Roborough Down.

They are thought to be some of 35 which have been on the run since December after being released from an Exmoor farm more than 50 miles (80km) away.

There have been several sightings of the animals around the county.

Animal rights activists released more than 100 boar at the end of 2005 and 45 recaptured boar in February.

The unnamed activists sent a statement to the Animal Liberation Front confirming they carried out the attack.

Since their release, the boar still at large have become an attraction in the areas they have been spotted.

They have been seen across the county, including around the South Molton area in north Devon and near the village of Horrabridge, near Tavistock in west Devon.

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