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My colleage Jon was raided and arrested by police today on two

accounts of fraud and had his house raided and various items seized by


My colleage first of all was in Middlesbourgh doing N.A.R's stall

which many a time we have done within Newcastle and other places which

we have had no problems with the city councils or police, (well ones

like this at least)

Police first arrested Jon for two accounts of Theft, (intent and false

representation) and carried him away on the spot, and took him down to

a police cell. various infomation was then recived and Jon's house was

then raided by police removing his, Computer, N.A.R's campain phone,

Megaphone, House keys, Stall, AR campaining materials such as

leaflets, banners, placards etc, and various other infomation the

police thought was relivent.


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