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UK Fur demo
November 12, 2005

received anonymously

Thirteen activists from Shropshire, the West Midlands and Wales joined forces today to bash the evil fur trade. Shrewsbury and Bridgnorth in Shropshire were visited which had eleven shops between them that had recently been found to be selling real fur, mainly rabbit and fox fur on jackets, jumpers, scarves and boots.

All eleven shops were visited or had noisy demonstrations held outside their premises today.

First off was Cara London in Shrewsbury who have had emails all week asking them to adopt a no fur policy, when activists arrived the real fur had been completely removed from the shop.

Next stop Marjorie Lowe in Shrewsbury. The coats with the real fur collars had been removed and real fur will not be restocked next year.

Dyas Brothers Shrewsbury. Real fur removed replaced by only fake fur (This lot of Dealers in Death in Shrewsbury obviously knew we were coming!) ... We always keep a promise!

Shoon in Shrewsbury. Demo kicked off with leafleting, chanting and siren whilst the manageress told activists that they had confirmed to the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT) that next year real fur will not be stocked at any of their 18 UK branches. Plenty of anti-fur leaflets were handed out inside the shopping mall.

Ripe in Shrewsbury. This shop was spotted by activists who were looking for a toilet! Real rabbit fur scarves were spotted in their window so in piled activists for a friendly chat. A cop came insisting the shop assistant had rung them in floods of tears who then tried desperately to disband the demo to no avail whilst Ripe removed all the real fur items from inside the shop. A decision by Ripe's management will be made early next week whether they feel it's really worth having thirteen or so noisy activists outside of their shop on a regular basis. We'll be watching!

The Hat Company Shrewsbury. The owner removed all of the real fur when activists arrived at his premises (inside and outside!). Both Ripe and The Hat Company were told it was illegal not to state whether the fur on their products was real and both were threatened with trading standards.

Shrewsbury hammered, onto Bridgnorth ..

First visit was to Parker Taylor's 'posh tog' shop who had sensibly removed all the real fur vowing not to ever restock. Activists waved and thanked them for their compassionate decision.

Next Bijou and Aristocrats who between them had fur scarves, boots and fur trimmed tops. These shops are right next door to each other. Both of these shops adamant that it is their right to profit from the suffering, misery and murder of fur farmed animals. Smug and pompous they tried to weather the storm of demonstration raging outside of their shops. Local plod arrived in a mobile cctv van and strutted around the street not really knowing what to do about the situation.

A member of the public got so incensed that the plod van had been outside these shops for almost 3 hours blocking traffic in a tiny street whilst 'policing an entirely legal and peaceful demonstration' that he rang the cop control room to complain! He also ranted at the cops twiddling their thumbs that were sat in the van for the duration!

Meanwhile whilst these demos were happening, another nearby shop The Nutshell was visited who had been displaying real rabbit fur scarves inside the shop only this morning. When activists arrived the dead animal scarves had also gone with the owner vowing to destroy them and never replace them. Good result again.

Top Notch Dress Agency also got paid a visit after they were caught selling fur trimmed boots. The owner claimed she would remove the boots but when activists didn't believe her and started a demo outside she flew into a fit and said she would be stocking real fur coats because of the demo! That outrageous statement will only encourage more unwanted attention whether they are bluffing or not! A close eye will be kept on the Top Notch Agency.

Overall a very successful day in Shropshire with eight out of eleven shops either removing the dead animal skins permanently or vowing not to restock them next year. The remaining three will be visited again and again until they make that compassionate choice and get rid of the real fur that shames their premises.
-=No Excuse for Animal Abuse=-
Where animal abuse and exploitation are concerned, there is no giving in. Ever.

Please politely contact the shops below that are still selling real fur and ask them to adopt a no fur policy

7a Whitburn Street
WV16 4QN
Tel: 01746 764550

6a Whitburn Street
WV16 4QN
Tel: 01746 769444

Top Notch Agency
Listley Street
WV16 4AW
Tel: 01746 711517

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