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UK -- Neglected Goat Rescued
March 2006

"For some time we have been hearing about a goat which has been left tethered in a field and with no bedding and inadequate food.

We are aware that demonstration have been held against the 'owner' of the goat, and that the RSPCA had been informed. Whilst achieving a longer tether, and a small amount of bedding, the goat was still clearly being neglected.

It didn't take us long to locate the goat in the field behind the abusers house. Keeping an eye on the lights within, we goaded the beautiful animal out with a slice of apple. As she delighted in this new taste, we slipped off the tether, and led her down the track away from the residence.

The activist who first approached her with the apple became her new best friend, and she happily trotted along beside him, and was more than eager to jump any fences and ditches that got in her way. We lugged her over a gate, and, once her liberator had got in, was keen to see what it was like inside a car! It was an amusing and cramped journey back to the safe-house, but well worth it.

This animal, like so many before her, is now free from the abuse of simple minded idiots.

We will continue to rescue animals from wherever they are abused or neglected, whether from a farm, a lab, or from someone's back garden.

No justice, just us

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