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Bristol Royal Infirmary hospital stops Pigeon cull

Good news for a change- Bristol Royal Infirmary hospital stops Pigeon cull
(UK)- please congratulate them!

Further to our national appeal in August of this year to try and stop this Pigeon cull working with our contact at Bristol Animal Rights Coalition SWAP team UK have received this info from the BRI Chief Executive Robert Woolley-

Quote from email SWAP team UK received from the BRI on 1st November 2011-

"I can confirm that the trapping exercise was for a 6 week duration as recommended by the pest control contractor, commencing on 9th June 2011 and ending on 15th July 2011. The agreed period was adhered to and no trapping has taken place since completion of the programme.

Following the complaints that were received, the Trust contacted both PiCAS and the RSPCA. The RSPCA confirmed that our approach was appropriate in the circumstances.

Following a lengthy telephone meeting with a representative from PiCAS, a report and quotation was submitted by them. The Facilities and Estates Division, having reviewed the report submitted by PiCAS, have identified funding and will be submitting a request for a site survey to be completed from January 2012".

We are delighted with this news as the BRI have now agreed to work with PiCAS (Pigeon Control Advisory Services) who advise on humane ways of dealing with Pigeon problems. See their website here, PiCAS do brilliant work so please recommend them to anyone that is thinking of culling Pigeons-

Please now write to Dena Ponsford (general manager of facilities) and Bob Pepper (director of facilities and estates) to thank them for co-operating with us all- [email protected] and [email protected] Please also write to thank and congratulate the Patient Support and Complaints Team at the BRI who have dealt with our ongoing complaint- [email protected]

Many congratulations and thanks go to Bristol Animal Rights for leading a brilliant campaign and big thanks to all our supporters who wrote to the BRI to complain.

One huge voice from us all makes a world of difference for the animals- together we are a positive force for change!

Please see our original appeal below from August this year for reference Many thanks

SWAP team UK

HOW DISGUSTING AND CRUEL IS THIS? Hospitals are meant to be a place of kindness and compassion but this takes the biscuit!

Urgent action needed-Bristol Royal Infirmary hospital trap and kill Pigeons (UK). All traps must be removed immediately to prevent further suffering. Gulls are allegedly trying to drag the Pigeons out of the traps and the Pigeons are wilting in the hot sun. Something has to be done asap to stop this cruelty. Non lethal methods to control Pigeons are needed now to stop this brutality.

UK and worldwide response needed asap

SWAP team UK have recently been alerted to the trapping and killing of Pigeons at Bristol Royal Infirmary hospital. We have written to the Patient Support and Complaints department at the hospital and we have now been informed that they are investigating this. We are naturally appalled at any company killing Pigeons for whatever reason however a hospital that saves human lives but is killing Pigeons is an absolute outrage!

Please see the press release below from Bristol Animal Rights, we understand someone from the group who is very concerned about this has already been interviewed on local radio, listen here- - please scroll forward to 1 hour 16 mins, 43 seconds. Please also see this recent BBC article- The article above mentions other hospitals within the hospital trust therefore are other Pigeons being trapped elsewhere? If so we want all traps removed throughout their hospitals! Quote from article-A spokeswoman from University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust said: "We work closely with, and have taken advice from, our external pest control provider to ensure that the measures we undertake across all of our city centre hospitals are appropriate. End of quote

Please see below ways in which you can help stop this cruelty. It is imperative that all phone calls/letters/emails are kept polite. Thank you. Firstly please send a letter and/or telephone the Patient Support and Complaints department urging them to remove all traps immediately and get the building fully proofed to deter Pigeons. Please see below for details. Please give all the contacts below 'PiCAS' (Pigeon Control Advisory Services) contact details as they give advice on humane ways of dealing with Pigeon problems. Please urge the authorities to contact them immediately. Please copy and paste these details for PiCAS if you are sending emails alternatively please give them over the phone- PICAS tel- 0844 7366272 mobile- 07903 011715 email- [email protected] website- YOUR POLITE COMPLAINTS GO TO-

Deputy Manager-Patient Support & Complaints University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust Trust Headquarters Marlborough Street Bristol UK BS1 3NU Tel: 0117 34 23641

Please also phone the main hospital on 0117 9230000 with your polite complaint asking to speak to Dena Ponsford (general manager of facilities) and Bob Pepper (director of facilities and estates). You can also email them - [email protected] and [email protected] Please phone and/or email Mr Colin Waldron of Hotel services who has authorised the trapping and killing of Pigeons- 0117 3422270 email- [email protected] please note if Mr Waldron is not available on the phone please leave a POLITE message for him telling him how you feel about this and asking him to remove the traps immediately to prevent further unnecessary suffering and to get the building Pigeon proofed asking him to contact PiCAS for humane advice asap.

Contact the Avon and Somerset Police using their online contact form and ask them to forward your complaint to the Wildlife liason officer to investigate- crime_reporting/ReportCrime.aspx

Contact the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) here using their online contact form to report this and ask them to do something immediately- Contact the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to complain asking them to also do something about this- [email protected]

Contact the BRI hospital using their feedback form where you can tell them what you think about their trapping and killing Pigeons asking them to stop this immediately


Please see the press release below from Bristol Animal Rights.

Many thanks for your support SWAP team UK

PRESS STATEMENT Pigeons Trapped Wilting in the Sun and Pecked by Gulls

Date: Thursday 4 August 2011 Contact: 07745576725 / 07973379219 / 07595745441 Email: [email protected] FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Visitors to the Old Building of the Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI) have recently been horrified to see pigeons in traps left for hours in the baking sun, awaiting extermination by a pest control firm. Some have witnessed gulls trying to drag the pigeons out of the traps. It appears that Management sought no independent consultation before this cruel practice began. Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, before a General Licence for lethal pest control can be obtained, it must be proven that all non-lethal methods of deterrent that could have been used, have been tried, tested over a period of time, and only failed due to pigeon numbers. Failure due to wrongly fitted deterrents or poor maintenance is no excuse.

A concerned visitor at the hospital remarked, "I was coming to visit a sick friend and was greatly distressed to see pigeons trapped in the sun, gasping for breath". The only deterrent at the Old Building has been an amount of ragged netting and it therefore begs the question that the B.R.I. may be acting illegally. Certainly there are no visible campaigns involving the public such as anti-feeding notices or waste management.

There is no scientific proof that pigeons pass disease to humans and culling simply due to bird mess is not a legal option. It is well known that pigeons adjust their numbers according to food supply, so, where culling has taken place, numbers are back to normal, or above, in a matter of weeks. A representative of Bristol Animal Rights Collective, a local group that campaigns against cruelty to animals, said, "We have been contacted by a number of people who have been distressed after seeing trapped birds at the BRI. We invite the Trust to explain why a place of humanity and compassion should be responsible for such cruelty; why, over a period of weeks, it is right to possibly be adding to the pigeon population; why no independent advice appears to have been sought, over and above that of the pest control company receiving payment, and, why the N.H.S. should therefore be paying for this at all!"

Ends 356 Words. Notes to the Editor 1. For more information about culls including legal information, visit Pigeon Control Advisory Service's website: 2. Pigeon numbers will increase back to the pre-cull figure within a matter of weeks following a cull.

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