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Plunging underground in search of truth. Vet Practice.

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At  you will find this recently-published article, which I hope is both informative and entertaining:

Knight A. Plunging underground in search of truth. Vet Practice [UK] 2008; 40(9): 10.

"GUILTY!" roared the judge, as his gavel crashed into the podium, the curls of his wig shaking with recoil. After years of pushing the limits, the inevitable had finally come to pass. I had been convicted at last -- along with the entire back row -- of crimes against fashion.

We were, nevertheless, somewhat more fortunate than the old lady in the front row -- who reminded me vaguely of one of my lecturers. Convicted of witchcraft, she was sentenced to Death by Fire.

Somehow, my conscientious attempts to pursue my continuing education had led me to a particularly untimely end, in the depths of the Edinburgh Dungeon.

I had been attending the International Primatological Society annual congress in August, at which a heated debate was raging.

It was with pleasure, therefore, that I presented the results of my recent systematic review of 95 randomly-selected, published, invasive chimpanzee studies (available at ).

this indicates that the majority of invasive chimpanzee studies generate data of questionable value, which make little obvious contribution toward the advancement of biomedical knowledge. Furthermore, none of these chimpanzee studies made an essential contribution, or, in a clear majority of cases, a significant contribution of any kind, toward papers describing methods efficacious in combating human diseases.

US physician Hope Ferdowsian, who has experience of treating torture survivors, also presented her study documenting the extensive behavioural and psychopathological similarities between her tortured humans and exlaboratory chimpanzees.

the introduction of The Great Ape Protection Act to the US Congress in April may well herald the beginning of the end for invasive great ape experiments internationally.

The over-riding theme of this congress, however, was a chilling documentation of the rapid global decline of our closest living relatives.

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