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Vivisection Event, Glasgow

Charity Scotland for Animals have challenged Glasgow University to a public debate on their use of live animals in research experiments.

The charity contacted the University on 17th February asking for them to participate in the debate, as yet they have received no official response.

The University is hosting an event on 30th March showcasing the use of animals in research as the way forward. Amongst other subjects, the night's agenda contains discussions on how best to make money out of animal experiments in Scotland.

Scotland for Animals' spokesperson John Patrick stated "We appeal to Glasgow University to agree to this debate and have the decency to stand up and justify their actions to the public instead of hiding behind secrecy laws."

"Those responsible go to great lengths to hide the fact that animals are used in large numbers in procedures at universities all over the country, paid for taxpayers and grants from pharmaceutical firms and charities. Often individuals who attempt to make this information public are threatened with prosecution."

"There's a growing and increasingly vocal section of the medical and scientific community who are turning against this, and demanding that more reliable alternatives are implemented. Almost 560,000 animals are abused and killed as research tools in Scotland every year. It's high time this national scandal was laid out in the open."

Scotland for Animals will be joined by former president of 'Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine' Dr Andre Menache, an internationally renowned expert on the replacement of animals in scientific procedures.

Dr Menache said "This is a call to all responsible scientists to join Scotland for Animals. Let us replace 19th century animal experiments with 21st century evidence based medicine."

John Patrick added "This is by no means just about animal welfare. Drug side effects are the fourth biggest cause of death in the Western Hemisphere. Despite claims from animal testers saying they are doing this to save human lives, Scotland still has amongst the worst death rates from cancers, heart disease and stroke on earth. Animal experiments aren't working and it's about time those involved in this type of research stopped putting profit before lives."

For interviews please contact John Patrick: 07846 297 431. A public protest organised by Scotland for Animals will be held at the Nexxus event on Tuesday 30th March 2010 at 5.45 PM, Kelvin Campus Conference Centre, West of Scotland Science Park, Maryhill Rd., Glasgow, G20 0SP. Photo opportunities will be available.

Further information:

The 'Nexxt Big Thing in Integrative Mammalian Biology' is to be held by Nexxus, a part-publicly funded organisation which amongst other things promotes the use of animals in research. One of the areas being covered on the night will be "commercial opportunities in in vivo sciences available here in Scotland".

Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities also recently got a slice of a £12.3 million grant from an alliance between the UK and Scottish Governments and multi-national drug firms including GlaxoSmithkline, AstraZeneca and Pfizer.

One of the activities which will be carried out with this money is "Outreach activities focused on the use of animals in research to schools and the community" which will promote animal experimentation to children.

Profile and information on Dr Andre Menache here:

Scotland for Animals are a registered Scottish Charity who's core aim is to end all exploitation and abuse of animals. We believe this can only be achieved by acting locally and by making changes in our own lives however small.

In pursuit of our core aim we will work at all times to empower people to make these changes and support any welfare improvements until ultimately animals have the right to exist in freedom and safety.

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