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The Ward Union Hunt is Banned

Dear ARAN Supporters,

The vote on legislation to ban the Ward Union carted stag hunt has just been voted through by the majority – we can now safely say the Ward Union hunt’s days are up. On Friday July 2nd 2010 the vital legislation will be sent to the president for approval and it will be then sworn into law. This new legislation marks an historic day for our battle against cruelty to animals in this country.

Up until 7pm this evening, we, along with campaigners from across Ireland worked tirelessly hard to get this legislation through. Never in my 13 years involved with animal rights have I seeing so much press coverage focussing on one issue. The country has literally had two full weeks – if not more with constant debate, helping us to get the issue of cruelty to animals out to the wider public on every occasion. We have been inundated with requests from radio stations and newspapers across the country, along with TV news stations wanting an update on our plans for action and more. Our volunteers at ARAN had at times worked up to 16 hours with little sleep encouraging our supporters to get active, speaking with the press, lobbying TD’s and Ministers, organizing local campaign gatherings, educating the public and much more.

See ARAN in action just recently:

I would like to thank everyone who responded to our urgent action alerts, attended our protests and meetings, made phone calls and emails, set up a standing order or sent in a donation – it is you, the people who give a damn, are the ones responsible for this progressive piece of legislation to outlaw in Ireland one aspect of blood sports. Today, you should join with us here at ARAN in celebrating.

Thank you for all that you do to help animals and those with no voice, ARAN certainly does appreciate it.

John armody
Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN)
‘‘Fighting Animal Abuse Across Ireland’

P.S. Although we have secured this huge victory, ARAN’s work does not stop there. We are now moving onto our next focus and want to reassure our supporters that we will never give up fighting for the animals. Although the pressure we face is huge, our small band of volunteers, with our eagre resources will stand up and speak out for animals who have nothing but their lives and even at that there are some people out there who want to take that from them. Please stand by ARAN today.

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