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World Day for Animals in Laboratories

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Dear ARAN Members & Supporters;

These are exciting times to be involved with animal rights-Every April 25th is 'World Day for Animals in Laboratories' and what better way to use this day then to organize a huge rally to raise awareness for the plight of millions of dogs, cats, monkeys and other innocent animals who undergo the most severe acts of cruelty inside laboratories worldwide, including here in Ireland.

In London, a peaceful rally was organized by a collective of campaigners and grassroots groups from across the UK. Over 2000 campaigners peacefully marched from Hyde Park, down through Trafalgar Square, where people gathered to hear speech's from campaigners such as Caroline Lucas UK MEP, Richard Deboo from his political party Animals Count, Andrew Tyler from Animal Aid, Amanda Richards from SPEAK and many more. John Carmody founder of ARAN was kindly invited by the organizers to come and speak on behalf of Animal Rights Action Network and our work for animal rights in Ireland. Luckily for those of you who could not be there-we have captured the rally and the speech from John Carmody for all to see. This event was the most amazing rally and spectacle put on by the UK animal rights movement for many years,

It's a must see!

Check out four minutes of exciting footage from the rally that passed through central London, click here .

See and hear John Carmody founder of ARAN speak passionately about his work for animal rights, click here .

ARAN would like to extend our thanks to the UK animal rights movement whom have been instrumental in organizing such a wonderful, vibrant and of course peaceful event. Huge thanks also goes to Andre Meneche and Brendan Neil for working so hard to make this event a huge success-and a truly memorable one at that.

To see and feel the compassion and power of these incredible people is something we hope people around the world will follow. Remember, words mean nothing, actions are everything! To get active for animal rights in Ireland get in touch with ARAN today or if you live outside of Ireland, get in touch with your nearest campaign group

Thank you from us all here at Animal Rights Action Network

'Cruelty to animals must stop. FULL STOP.'

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