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Tell Alex Salmond to Help Willows

Tell Alex Salmond to get his finger out and help Willows

Last week Scotland for Animals contacted First Minister Alex Salmond asking for Scottish Government intervention to save Willows Animal Sanctuary in Aberdeen.

As you'll no doubt have heard Willows is in danger of having to close due to lack of funds after an application for Lottery cash was unexpectedly refused. The sanctuary is a last chance place of safety for neglected and brutalised animals and also provides life changing services for people with special needs and learning difficulties through their animal interaction therapy programme.

One of Willows' success stories: Lucky before and after

A spokesperson for Alex stated that "the Scottish Government is not in a position to make funding available to the Sanctuary." We beg to differ as they appear to have a bottomless pit of your money to hand out to other sectors including the beef industry, large multi-national corporations and organisations which actively promote the sacrifice of live animals for religious purposes.

Please contact Alex Salmond and ask that he do the right thing and step in to save this vital service. If you aren't a Scottish resident please still take the time to email as Mr Salmond is famously sensitive about his international image.

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Re: Willows Animal Sanctuary

CC Richard Lochhead

Dear Mr Salmond

You may be aware of the situation regarding Willows Animal Sanctuary, Aberdeen which is currently experiencing severe financial difficulties which may result in the facility having to close.

I am concerned to learn that a recent appeal to the Scottish Government by charity Scotland for Animals to provide funding to save Willows has been declined.

Willows provide not only an essential lifeline for abused animals in Scotland but also an invaluable service for vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our community through their animal assisted therapy unit. This type of activity has been proven to significantly improve the health and well being of those with learning difficulties, special needs, etc.

As the Scottish Government regularly provides often very substantial grants and funding to other organisations who often do not provide services or help as practically useful as those available from Willows then we would appeal to you to give this organisation not only the monies needed for it's short term survival but for it's continued running.

If the Scottish Government is unwilling to intervene to save this sanctuary then I would appreciate if you could please provide me with details of your reasons for this decision.

Yours sincerely

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Visit  for more on their excellent work and please forward us any replies you receive.

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