At the December 19, 2008, demonstration at Invitrogen's VP Janet Lambert home in Friendship Heights, two activists were assaulted and arrested by police.

Janet Lambert is the Vice President of government relations for Invitrogen, which supplies chemical and laboratory equipment to the dubious Huntington Life Sciences. Though this was the first time a home demonstration was conducted at this residence, Janet's husband was ready and waiting for the 14 demonstrators, appearing like he already knew they were coming. Lambert's husband attempted to physically detain two activists before the police arrived. After attempting to leave the scene, the activists were followed by plain-clothes officers in five unmarked cars. Two activists were tackled and subsequently arrested; Indymedia radio reporter Luke was also detained for one hour for various charges, ranging from felony fleeing to civil assault. He was released due to lack of evidence. None of luke's equipment was seized, though his bike was damaged. This story will be updated when more information becomes available.