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Liberation from a dog vivisection breeder. Marshall Farms - New Rose NY. Dec 5, 2001

Marshall Farms is one of the largest dog and ferret breeders in America, and according to the communique, was targeted due to its connection with HLS.

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30 Beagles, 10 Ferrets Rescued from Marshall Farms
Lab breeder subject of numerous USDA violations

December 06, 2001

On the evening of Dec. 5 the underground Animal Liberation Front (ALF) raided Marshall Farms in upstate New York, rescuing 30 dogs and 10 ferrets. The ALF released a Communique early this morning taking responsibility for the action stating they had outsmarted "constant security patrols ... scaled the electrified fence" and had broken through one of the 50 animal shed doors to effectuate the rescue operation.

Marshall Farms is a breeder of beagles and ferrets for animal research laboratories across the U.S., most notably Huntingdon Life Sciences, which has been a major focus of animal rights activists for the past several years.

Although Marshall Farms has been cited for numerous gross violations of USDA and animal welfare standards, these were likely not factors in the ALF activists' decision to raid this facility. The ALF is an abolitionist organization which believes that animals should not be bred and sold to research for a life of pain and suffering, regardless of the care and standards kept by the breeders.

The full text of the Marshall Farm action Communique follows:

On the evening of December 5, we visited Marshall Farms in upstate NY, liberating 30 beagle puppies and 10 ferrets. After outsmarting constant security patrols, we scaled the electrified fence, breaking through the door of one of the approximately 50 sheds of animals. Inside, we found hundreds of beagle puppies waiting to be shipped to vivisection labs, transferred from one small cage to another, destined to be killed.  Before the next security patrol, we packed up 30 puppies and 10 ferrets and stole away into the night with them, taking them away from their hellish life, and giving them a life filled with freedom and joy.

As a breeder for Huntingdon Life Sciences, Marshall Farms would have ensured that these animals had a tortured, painful life suffering in labs. Beagles are routinely poisoned to death and abused at the hands of callous workers at HLS.

Workers have been caught punching beagle puppies in the face, shaking them and throwing them against walls, and dissecting living animals for "research data" that even technicians admit is faulty.  These 40 animals will never have to endure such brutal conditions.

Let this action serve as a warning to all who aid Huntingdon Life Sciences in killing 500 innocent victims every day that you cannot hide from justice.