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ALF USA -- Summary of ALF actions.
No Compromise -- The Militant, Direct Action Magazine of Grassroots Animal Liberationists & Their Supporters.

List of USDA Registered Animal Labs (by state)

Actions Reported to Biteback - 2018
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2016 and 2017
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2014 and 2015
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2013
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2012
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2011
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2010
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2009
Animal Liberation, year in review (pdf file) - 2008
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2008
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2007

Public "Humane" Execution of Sheep To Continue Until "Trump's Agenda is Passed" - Oct
Informant Alert. March 3
Nicole Kissane Sentenced for Freeing Mink - January

ALF Targets Urban Farm Teaching Murder - November

Government Slams Door on Invasive Experiments on Chimps - November
Animal rights activists protest new lab at UW - October
Two California ARAs arrested after vandalism spree - July
ARA Protestor Pleads Guilty in Mink Release - June
ARAs Stage Disruption at New York Blood Center - June
Victim Uses Media Interest in His Assault to Generate Attention for Abused Animals - March
Monkeygate: Bewildered Florida Residents Discover Another Secret Monkey Breeding Facility - March
Failures of LA Animal Services General Manager Brenda Barnette- March
FBI Investigating Attempted Firebombing Of KFC; Animal Rights Group Suspected - March

New developments in Harris Ranch arson case - Nov
Captive Foxes in Anamosa, Iowa Liberated by ALF - Sept
Activist group releases foxes at farm - Sept
Activists Sabotage 2nd Oregon Mobile Slaughter Unit - June
Fire destroys empty chicken barn at a USDA research lab - April
After Raid, Montana Fur Farmer Tells Activists: "Jesus Loves You" - April
Terrace Fur Farm Targeted - April
Breeding Records Destroyed at Largest Bobcat Farm in the U.S. - March
Fur Farmers Put ALF Wanted Posters In Vegan Restaurants - March
Meat recall means uphill battle to reopen Petaluma slaughterhouse - Feb
Activists Mass-Mail ALF Guide to 100 Neighbors of Proposed Mink Farm - Feb
ARAs flood Preston mailboxes with guide to raiding mink farms
Attorney General Marty Jackley weighs in on the threat of The Final Nail #4
Feds Raid Slaughterhouse and three-time ALF target in the Bay Area
42 Leaked Fur Commission Security Alerts
Largest Fox Farm in U.S. Named as Target of "Burglary Tool" Conspiracy
Feds Raid Slaughterhouse and three-time ALF target in the Bay Area - Jan
Search Warrant in FBI Raid of San Diego House - Jan
Final Security Alert: Police Stop "Animal Rights Felon" - Jan
Leaked Alert #30: Farmers on Alert Over New Earth Crisis Album - Jan
Leaked security alert #29: Unclaimed mink release in Minnesota - Jan

Delayed Report: "Trespassers" Start Fire at Wisconsin Mink Farm
The Philadelphia Gun Club Steals SHARK Property - Police Do Nothing
Security Alert 28: FBI Claims New Evidence in Illinois Mink farm Raid
Security Alert 27: Mystery Notetaker Outside Mink Farm - Dec
Security Alert 26 - Suspicious Activity After Ag-Gag Charges Dropped - Dec
Leaked Security alert 25 - Unreported Disappearance of 600 Mink from Idaho Farm - Dec
Leaked Security Alert #24: Car Drives Onto Utah Mink Farm - Dec
Rescued Raymond and the MN 9 - Dec
Athens, Georgia, USA animal shelter may be closing, seeks homes for pets and financial support - Dec
Leaked security alert #12: ALF raids fox farm during AR conference
Leaked security alert #11: Fur farmers follow suspicious car in Idaho
Leaked Security Alert 10: Suspicious Persons Scouting Utah Fur Farm
Leaked Security Alert 8: Meeting puts Mink Farmers on Alert - Dec
Leaked security alert #7: Farmers warned of "undercove​r activist threat" - Dec
Five leaked security alerts on Iowa fur farm arrests -Dec
Leaked Security Alert 6: Trespassers on a Fur Farm in Idaho - Dec
Leaked security alert #1: Aspiring fur farmer outed, more - Nov
Leaked Security Alert 2: Suspicious Photographer in Iowa - Nov
Leaked Security Alert 3: Fear of Daylight Raid - Nov
Leaked Security Alert 4: Felon Urging Attacks - Nov
Leaked security alert #5: Warning about "Ghosts in Our Machine" filmmaker - Nov
Victory: After tampering claim, company stops selling mink oil - Nov
The War on Mink Oil Gets Results - Nov
Raided mink farm denied permit, expected to close - Nov
Colorado Mink Farm Raided, Forced to Close - Nov
Kiwi Mink Oil Contaminated in Stores Across United States - Nov
Largest Mink Farm in the Country is Currently on Fire - Oct
Jailed ARA Goes on Hunger Strike in Illinois - Oct
News: Fur Industry Reward; Rebecca Rubin - Oct
Photos from inside a recent ALF target in Wisconsin - Oct
Minnesota mink release claimed by lone activist - Oct
250 or More Mink Liberated in Grand Meadow, Minnesota - Oct
2,000 mink released in Wisconsin, latest in major ALF campaign - Oct.
2,000 mink released from farm near New Holstein - October
Bloody photos from inside a raided mink farm in Oregon - October
ALF Releases 300 Mink in Ohio - October
Hundreds of Mink Released in Pennsylvania - Sept
After their release from a slaughterhouse, 10 cows remain free - Sept
20 mink released, breeding records destroyed in Utah - Sept
Animal Liberation Frontline obtains confidential "security alert" for recent Iowa mink release. - Sept
In 4th raid in a month, 100 mink are released in Iowa - Sept
Home of Wisconsin Fur Auction Executive Flooded by the ALF - August
Third Fur Farm Raid in One Month - Mink release in Illinois - August
Animal rights group claims responsibility for vandalism at Lapeer County meat facility - August
Police investigate vandalism at local meat market - August
Unpublicized Arson and Coyote Release at Utah Wildlife Lab -1999
State Fair butter cow doused in red paint; AR group takes credit - Aug
Bear-Trap Saboteur in New Mexico Prevents Capture of Wild Bear - Aug
Orange County (California) Taco Joint Sabotaged - August
ALF and Ash Grove Pheasant Farm - August
ALF Strikes Taco Asylum in California
FBI investigating pheasant theft as ecoterrorism
SHARK Condemns Illegal, Massive Four-Day Live Pigeon Shoot
Fur Farm Raid 2013: Idaho
ALF Releases Captive Pheasants From Farm in Riverside, California
Furs by Graf Heavily Targeted by Activists - July
ARAs picket Hamilton doctors over alleged role in pigeon-shooting events - June
Animal rights group says it stole hens from Utah County farm - June
ALF Launches "Fur Farm Raiding Season" With the Final Nail #4 - June
10 Rabbits Liberated from California Breeder - April
Beagle Freedom Project rescues 10 dogs from Midwest research lab - March
Animal Place Documentary About the Largest Rescue of Egg-laying Hens in California History - February
Rebecca Rubin Pleads Not Guilty to Ecoterrorism - January

Bear hunt triggers complaints from ARAs - December
Activists protest Judge's rulings on animal cruelty - December
New Hampshire ARAs Protest Use of Fur - November
College Alarmed by Animal Rights 'Extremists' - November
UC Davis primate center under fire for alleged animal cruelty - October
(US/nd) Measure 5 supporters rally - October
Vivisection protest at corporate VP's home ends in tense standoff - October
Burger King Cruelty - Shocking Video - October
Undercover video reportedly shows abuse at Idaho dairy - October
Will the United States ever be cruelty-free and ban animal testing on products? - October
ALF Releases Captive Pheasants From Farm in Oregon - Sept
Bensalem gun club hosting pigeon shoots cooperates to settle suit - September
Minneapolis chicken rescuers - September
New Informant & Grand Jury Subpoena in Santa Cruz Arson Investigation - August
Compassion Over Killing - August
(UK/US/ca) Animal Liberation Campaign Against Brea Medical Supply Company Turns Uglier - August
ALF Sabotage Vice President of HLS-Supplier Beckman Coulter - August
ALF Releases Captive Foxes From Farm in Northern Virginia - August
    Thirteen foxes liberated from a fur farm in northern Virginia
Christensen Farms under fire for alleged animal cruelty claims - July
Animal Liberation Front Actions Heat Up - July
Unreported 2008 Mink Release in Utah - July
AR group focuses on Minnesota hog producer - July
ARA film-music-protest tour hits Reno this weekend -- interview with musician Mike XvX - July
Florida ARA to be tried on Michigan charges - July
Animal-rights activists to protest UC Riverside - July
Marino to go to Trial - July
Animal Activist Chains Herself Outside State House - July
Activists: Stop killing the geese - June
FBI Document Reveals Unreported 2008 Mink Release in Utah - June
Utah protesters want Lagoon to close animal exhibits - June
Mysterious Fires Not Yet Linked to Animal Liberationists - May
(US/ca) Medical Firm Strikes Back at AR Group - May
(US/md) The elephant in the room: Protesters gather for circus's opening night - May
Camille Marino Defies Ban, Stages Civil Disobedience at WSU, Refuses To Be Silenced! - May
(US/fl) UF researchers being harassed, threatened by activists - May
US/ca) AR Group Plans Protest at Lakeside Rodeo - April
(US/ut) Animal activists protest Lagoon - April
Activists ground primate flights - April
US Hunting Blinds Toppled - April
(US/wi) Animal rights group targets Kohl's - March
Action Alert from No-Kill Houston - March
Cow Abuse: Undercover PETA Investigation Allegedly Reveals Brutal Treatment At Adirondack Farms - March
Iowa makes it crime to lie to record animal abuse - March
Rep. Noel on Utah Bill to Stop Farm Videos - Feb
House passes bill to stop 'animal-rights terrorists' shooting video on farms - February
Reward Offered in Harris Ranch Fire - February
Japanese Whalers Lose Bid To Block U.S.-Based 'Sea Shepherd' Activists - Feb
Utah Bill Would Make Videotaping a Factory Farm the Same as Assaulting a Police Officer - Feb
More arrests at Butterball facility - Feb
Rescuer Saves 86 Animals From Northwest Side Chicago House - Feb
Undercover Activists Rescue Ducks From Foie Gras Farms in CA and NY - February
A rabbit rescue is forced to return 17 rabbits liberated from a Portland butchery school - January
      18 Rabbits Liberated from Hipster Meat School in Portland - Jan
AR group sues poultry hatchery, alleging animal abuse - Jan
A High School Student's Activism Against Factory Farming - Jan
Binghamton Deer Cull Halted - January

Christmas Tale for HLS Investor AstraZeneca, by ALF - Dec
Cayuga Heights deer problem takes center stage - Dec
Fire guts the country's biggest fur feed supplier - Dec
Animal Rights Group Plans To Stop Culling - Dec
Utah ARA loses appeal, makes music video about prison - Dec
Correct NJ Bear Hunt info - Dec
ARAs criticize Trustee's company - Dec
AR groups protest at Princeton - Dec
Activists look to ban circus from Palm Beach County - Dec
AR fury as sharp-shooters kill 200 black bears in ONE day in annual hunt - Dec
At Sussex County bear hunt, same AR protester is arrested for second straight year - Dec
Activists still irked at North Chicago pound operations - Dec
Anarchists sabotage rail line ... with revolutionary greetings and love to Walter Bond - Dec
ARM Releases 16 Turkeys, 2 Geese - Nov
Liberationists Make Claim for Oregon Mink Release of Sept 24 - Nov
Campus security identifies potential threat for campus locations - Nov
Home and Car of AstraZeneca Executive Vandalized by Animal Liberation Operatives - November
Vandal Ransacks Lackawanna Livestock Market - November
Photos Inside Palmer Erickson Fur Farm - October
(US) Protestors target lab treatment of animals - October
In California, Going All Out to Bid Adieu to Foie Gras - October
Third Fur Farm Raid in Two Weeks: 1,000 Mink Released in Washington - Oct
FBI investigating mink farm raid near Gifford Washington - Oct
Two Arrested For Attempted Break-In at Iowa Fur Farm - Oct
Extremists Claim Responsibility For Attack On Gifford Mink Ranch - Oct
Vandals strike again in Tiburon, freeing the last 20,000 juvenile salmon into the bay - Oct
Mink Released at Farm in Rural Jewell - Oct
Pigs Investigate Thefts of Hundreds of Pigs From Farms - Oct
Saboteurs Release 40,000 Fish in California - Oct
AR group claims to have set fire in Caldwell, Idaho - Sept
    FBI: Fur factory fire was domestic terrorism - October
Mystery terrorists release 300 mink - Sept
(US/fl) Use of primates pits AR group vs. researchers - Sept
Arrest of ARA Caught Allegedly Trying to Free a Whale - Sept
Animal Activist Intentionally Hit By Car at PA Live Pigeon Shoot - Sept
ALF Release Elk - Sept
ALF Removes Fencing at Captive Elk Facility in Oregon - September
Ruling in Tiger Truck Stop case tossed - August
Report cites weak laws in rising animal cruelty cases - August
Mysterious Fire Destroys University Horse Research Lab - August
ARAs Protest at UCLA After USDA Confirms - July
ARA may face trespassing charge - July
Feds cite circus over elephant condition - July
ALF / ELF Fugitive Justin Solondz Arrested in Chicago - July
Animal rights activist strikes plea deal in SLC area fire - July
Iowa pig farm investigation - July
Terrible Pit Bull Breeding Center - June
Complete List of USA A.L.F. Fur Farm Raids - May
Snark Bites: Animal cruelty a way of life in East Tennessee - May
AR Demonstrators Arrested - May
Bill Sees Link Between Child Abuse And Animal Abuse; Reports By DCF Employees Would Not Be Anonymous - May
Lauderdale air company drops plans to ship research monkeys - May
Four Calves Rescued From Hell On Earth - May
Four Alligators Liberated in Florida - May 2011
A.L.F. Scapegoated in Brooklyn Anarchist Free Store Arson - April
Wave of Sabotage Reported at Iowa Factory Farms - Feb
AR Group Upset with Emergent Biosolutions - Feb
NY ARAs Continue Rally at Hempstead Animal Shelter - Feb
Emergent's Animal Testing Questioned - Feb
USA, Calif: Animal Liberation Forum April - Feb
A Unified Website for NYC Animal Activism - Feb
Animal Rights Activists Arrested In Jackson - Feb
Animal-rights commando goes after Santeria sacrifices - Feb
Activists against live poultry sales sue farmers' market and vendor - Jan
Video: Undercover video alleges shocking animal abuse at a New York Mills puppy mill - Jan
ARAs Sue UCLA Police; Claim Harassment - Jan
Police: Boat Vandals May Have Been From ELF - Jan
Wiki-Leaks Regarding US vs Sea Shepherd - Jan

WI Vet Quits Over Animal Treatment - Dec
The Vegan Papers - Dec
Animal advocate brings message to Fort Collins - Dec
Daily poll: Should people protesting the state bear hunt be arrested? - Dec
Inquiry Into 2004 UI Lab Attack Apparently Stalls - Nov
USA Animal Damage Control Harms Wildlife - Nov
Animal rights advocate has legislative wish list for Alabama - Nov.
Activists protest puppy mills in West L.A. - November
Animal Rights Activists Protest at Fashion Valley Mall - November
20 Turkeys Liberated by the Animal Rights Militia - November
ARAs Rail Against Live Bait Dog Training - Nov
ARA plan to disrupt Providence dinner, foie gras menu - Nov
Primate Center On Alert After National Threat Animal Rights Group Targeting Mail, Letter Says - Nov
The shocking truth about Miami-Dade Animal Services - Nov
ALF claims raid on Molalla deer farm - November
Halliday Sentenced - Nov
How the A.L.F. Raided the University of Arizona 1989
LA County Quietly Killing Thousands - Oct
Cat rescued with one of masks donated to fire two little girls - Oct
Activists Visit California Institute of Technology - Oct
ALF attempts raid on Mollala deer farm - Oct
400 Mink Liberated in Washington State - Sept
     Communique for Washington Mink Liberation
     A.L.F. Takes Credit for Washington Mink Release
Mink Liberation Reported in Idaho - August
Police Department settles suit by Utah ARAs for $15,368 - August
FBI Raids Utah Activist House for the Second Time - August
Fire and Explosions Rock Oregon Mink Farm - July
Change of Plea for Jordan Halliday - July
FBI Makes Arrest in ALF "Lone Wolf" Arsons - July
Animal Rights Activists Take Aim At Yale - July
Animal activist claims responsibility for arson fires - July
Animal Actions of Barnette and LAAS - June
Five ARAs Arrested in Oregon - June
Animal Research Protesters Face Terrorism Charges - June
Denver Sheepskin Factory Fire - June
SHARK Unveils Operation Angel - June
Arson Attack Closes Utah Leather Store - June
Pound Seizures in North Carolina - May
Video Captures Abuse in Pennsylvania - May
Twelve ARAs Illegally Arrested Near Home of Vivisector - May
Joaquin Fuster Demo Wrap Up! - May
Edythe London Picket Wrap Up - May
Jentsch Picket Wrap Up - May
SHARK vs. Pigeon Shooter - April
Fitchburg Mass. Animal Control - April
Friends Of Animals United NJ (F.A.U.N.) - April
Kansas ARA Offers Reward for Primate's Freedom - April
AR Groups Sue US Government - April
Activist Targeted by Missouri - April
72 Hens Liberated by ALF - April
Didn't the Ed Boks fiasco teach the mayor anything? - April
ALF Delivers Incendiary Devices to 4 Utah Vivisectors - March
UCLA Primate Vivisection Pickets Wrap Up! - March
ARAs Protest at Utah Mink Farms - March
Call-in In Support Of Minneapolis Fur Protesters - March
Governor Declares Saturday "Michigan Meatout Day" - March
AR Groups filing Criminal Charges Vs. Univ. Wisc. - March
Utah ARA House Raided - March
ALF Delivers Incendiary Device to Primate Vivisector - March
Utah Research Labs; Some Die, Some Become Pets - Feb
Demo V.S. 3 Univ. of California Primate Abusers - Feb
House by house, "dog lady" brings creatures comfort - Feb
New York Neighbors Fight Over Feeding Pigeons - Feb
Kathleen Rice Creates Animal Cruelty Unit - Feb
Pound Seizure Law in Utah - Feb
Utah ARA Gets 2 Years in Prison for Mink Liberation - Feb
Iowa Grad Subpoenaed in 2004 Vandalism Case - Jan

Accused A.L.F. Member Says Judge Breached Plea Deal - Dec '09
ARA Arrested For Helping - Dec '09
Animal rights group discusses MSU's practices - Dec '09
Morgan Fur Didn't Fly - Dec '09
ARA in trouble with the law - Dec '09
San Bernardino HS is Killing Animals Illegally - Dec '09
Wisconsin Puppy Mill Activist Dies - Dec '09
Banana Slugs for Animals - Dec '09
Minnesota ARA released from jail - Dec '09
US - Deer Park - Dec '09
Mayor Villaraigosa accepts bribes for jobs - Dec '09
US - Pig Abuse - Dec '09
Student Activist Indicted, Released - Dec '09
US - Student Vegans - Dec '09
Utah - Lab's Cruelty Exposed - Dec '09
ARAs Protest at Utah Mink Farms - November 2009
Animal Research Posing as Rescue or Transport - November 2009
California Bear Death Prompts Formation of AR Group - November 2009
ARK - Florida rescue center
UCLA Bruins for Animals - October 2009
AR Group Sues Mink Farmers - October 2009
UCSF Targeted for Protest - October 2009
Activism in Missouri - October 2009
UCLA Vivisectors are Desperate - October 2009
Animal advocates shot at during protest - October 2009
SHAC Victory - BDO Drops HLS - October 2009
Shawnee Mission Parked Renamed Death Park - October 2009
Student SAFARI - October 2009
Primate Importer Targeted by ALF Whines, and Lies - October 2009
Animal Rights Extremists Arrested For Violent Activity - October 2009
Second-Grader Takes on City Hall to Save Ducks - October 2009
Honor Student Becomes ELF Member - October 2009
ALF Visits Importer of non-Human Primates - October 2009
Michael Vick Connects With Philadelphia Teens - September 2009
North Carolina Rescue Group in Danger of Closing - September 2009
Idaho Wolf Hunting - September 2009
Guilty Plea in Utah Mink Liberation Case - September 2009
Pain for Dogs Doubles at Huntingdon Life Sciences - September 2009
Professor's Property Attacked by ALF - August 2009
What the USA Must Change to Become a Great Nation - August 2009
Morgan Stanley Dumps HLS - August 2009
Santa Monica Pigeon Net Protest - August 2009
ARAs Protest US Marine Pig Shooting - August 2009
UC Santa Cruz-1 year later - August 2009
Utah POWs - Locked up Again - July 2009
"Canned" Deer Hunts in Kansas City - July 2009
South Carolina Activist - July 2009
ALF vs. HLS Supplier Phenomenex - July 2009
UCLA Activists Protest Primate Research - July 2009
UC Irvine Vivisector Hit - July 2009
Puppy Mill Protest Advocacy - July 2009
Utah ARAs Threaten Fur Farms - July 2009
Activist Justina
Rescue-ink-takes-fight-against-animal-abuse-to-a-new-level - June '09
ALF Delivers Incendiary Devices to Primate Supplier - May 09
Cop for abused Animals
Top Twenty Reasons to Protest Harvard - April 2009
Boycott Escada - April 2009
Vermont AR Group - April 2009
Ohio AR Presentation - April 2009
Maine AR Politician - April 2009
ARAs Arrested at UCLA for alleged conspiracy, stalking - April 2009
Puppy Mill Protest in Illinois - April 2009
Radio, Newspaper Exposure of UCLA Pro-Vivisection Organizers - April 2009
UCLA Pro-Vivisection Organizers Refuse Debate Offer by KPCC Radio - 4/2009
Communique from the Justice Department - April 2009
Physicians Relish Debate With Pro-Test UCLA Organizers - April 2009
LAAS Demo - March 2009
UCLA Protest of Vivisection - March 2009
Two stories of ARAs Fighting Government - March 2009
In This Springtime Battle, the Parakeets Appear to Be Winning - March 2009
Group firebombs another UCLA researcher's car - March 2009
Utah ARA Jailed - March 2009
Animal Liberation Brigade Burns Vehicle at UCLA - March 2009
Excerpts from Stories of the ARAs Arrested in Utah - March 2009
LAAS Demo Wrap - February 2009
Solidarity with the AETA 4 - February 2009
ARAs in Seattle Say Cruelty Laws Apply to Livestock - February 2009
Federal Authorities Arrest Peaceful Protesters - February 2009
'Steve Irwin' boarded, police seize whale kill video - February 2009
Justice Department at Wake Forest - February 2009
UCLA Commuter Van Targeted - February 2009
ARA Rally to Protect Animals in Hawaii - February 2009
Hoosiers Lobby for Animal Rights - February 2009
Another UCLA Van Sabotaged in Campaign to Halt Primate Torture- Feb '09
81 neglected Exotic Birds Rescued - February 2009
UCPD's War on ARAs, Designed to Intimidate - February 2009
Sea Shepherd Actions - February 2009
UC Berkeley's Gregory Timmel was followed to work - February 2009
SHAC 7, USA - January 2009
Texas Activist Jessie Miller - January 2009
UCLA Daily Bruin on Animal Liberation Actions - January 2009
AR Brigade vs National Primate Research - January 2009
Primate Protection by IPPL - January 2009
Biotech firm to open office in Chandler - January 2009
Protest at UC Davis over Primate Experiments - January 2009
Fur Protest in Utah - January 2009
Activists Sue University of California - January 2009
Family of LA Mayor's Deputy Visited - January 2009
Notorious UCLA Vivisector Sent Sharp New Year's Gift - January 2009
Brigade Delivers Package to Vivisector at Johns Hopkins - Dec 08
Friendship Heights Home Demo Leads to Arrests - Dec 08
Rodeo Protests in Santa Clara County - Dec 08
Another UCLA Van Sabotaged in Campaign to Halt Primate Torture - Dec 08
650 Hens Rescued in California - December 2008
UCLA Chancellor denounces activist violence - Dec 08
UCLA Actions - Nov 08
UCLA Vivisector's Auto Burned by Animal Liberation Activists - 11/08
DC Radio pirates read ALF communiques from vivisection actions - 11/08
Attacks by ARAs at UC in Response to Trying to Jail Legal Protesters - 11/08
Pamelyn Ferdin in Contempt of Court - November 2008
UCLA Vans Sabotaged - October 2008
Operation Bite Back II: 1500 More Captive Mink Released - Oct '08
ARAs Protest Dartmouth Vivisection - October 2008
Laws Should Protect Animals - not UCLA professors - October 2008
ARAs Protest Primate Research at CalTech - October 2008
New California Law Leads to Increased Underground Actions - October 2008
Animal Liberationists Mock California Law AB 2296 - October 2008
Win Animal Rights, NYC, Aug-Sept 08 - October 2008
AR group claims responsibility for mink release - September 2008
Ten-Thousand Captive Mink Released in Utah - September 2008
Another UCLA Van Goes Up In Flames; ALF Takes Credit - September 2008
Protesting the Circus in Tracy, California - September 2008
Syracuse ARAs vs KFC -  September 2008
UC Berkeley Raid, Update -  September 2008
Cages Opened at Florida Primate Breeder - September 2008
Circus Protest in McKinleyville - September 2008
More Captive Mink Released in Oregon - September 2008
Oregon Mink Release - September 2008
Fifty ARAs in Oregon Protest Animal Violence - September 2008
Los Angeles Times Newspaper Vegan Advertisements - September 2008
California Farm Animals Get Celebrity Support - September 2008
Bow Hunters in Utah Harassed by ARAs - September 2008
300 Captive Mink Released From Utah Fur Farm - Aug 2008
Two More UCLA Vans Expropriated as Primate Killing Continues - Aug 2008
Man Sentenced for Threats to an ARA - July 2008
Univ. Calif. Santa Cruz Attacks on Alleged Researchers - July 08
Another UCLA Van "Effectively Removed" - July 08
Florida Activists Chain Themselves in Protest - July 08
Monk Parakeets Move Into Connecticut Town - June 2008
USDA Official vs. Ringling - June 2008
ARAs vs. University of Calif. Berkeley - July 08
Hawaii ARA hopes to save thousands of chickens - July 08
Connecticut Yankees say, "Get the hens out of the cages!" - July 08
LAAS Stop The Killing Demo Wrap - June 2008
UCLA Mobile Demo Wrap - June 200
A Call Out to Midwestern Animal Rights Activists - June 2008
UC Berkeley Lab Protest - June 2008
UCLA Van Goes Up in Flames - June 2008
False Shelter Reports from Los Angeles - June 2008
Protesters target the last downtown Portland fur shop - June 2008
It's a Jungle in Here - May 2008
AR Poultry Probe - May 2008
Yale Research Protests - April 2008
Protestors at Reno Charles River Laboratories - April 2008
Of Mice and Men - April 2008
Top Ten Reasons to Protest Harvard - April 2008
Police Harass ARA - March 2008
Logan Students Protest KFC - March 2008
UC- Santa Cruz Vivisector Gets Home Visit by Activists - Feb 08
Four banks hit with threats - Feb 2008
Bison Advocate Forcibly Removed From Protest Platform - Feb 2008
UCLA Suing Extremists - Feb 2008
Goats Liberated from Future Animal Abusers of America (FFA) - Feb 08
47 Rats Liberated from Scripps Hospital, San Diego - Feb 08
NY Anti Fur Demo - Feb 08
Fire at Home of UCLA Vivisector - Feb 08
Florida Gulf Coast Univ. Student Senate rejects KFC - Jan 08
News coverage of an attack on Vivisector's mansion - Jan 08
FBI is probing vandalism at downtown restaurant - Utah, Jan 08
LA Mayor's Chief Of Staff Visited by ALF - Jan 08
Research and Destroy - Jan 08
ARAs Protest Against UC Berkeley - Jan 08
New Arrest in Bomb Threat from ALF at UCSD - Jan 08
Protesters descend on circus show - Jan 08
Shiela Brown of Furlow puts love into animal care - Jan 08
ACT/ Smoking Monkeys In Absurd OHSU Lab - Jan 08
Brooklyn Bums - Dec 07
Indiana Puppy Mills - Dec 2007
Wet Puppies at LAAS - Dec 2007 - Anti-fur march, Nov. 3rd, 2007, Washington, DC worthy being recorded. The end has a wonderful message plus the Israeli singers' "Skinned Alive," a beautiful and sad song.
Justice For Gabby - Dec 2007
     ARAs Descend on Rushville: "Justice for Gabby"
Miles Novy Targeted for Abusing, Killing Pregnant Primates - Dec 07
7 ARAs arrested on contempt charges in NJ - Dec 07
Activists: Replace Boks and Stop the Killing - Dec 07
Cows Shot in Danville - Dec 07
LAAS Mobile Demo Wrap - Nov 07
ALF Attacks on LAAS Honchos - Nov 07
Pigeon-Rights Groups Rush to Defend Their Feathered Friends - Nov 07
Lindy Greene: Q's from Oxford Univ., Plus Rick Bogle - Nov 07
Undercover Activists at Oregon Primate Research - Nov 07
Santa Clara, California Fur Store To Close After Activist Attack - Nov 07
Wachovia in California - Nov 07
Lindy Greene Logically Refutes Vivisectionist's Emotional Gambit - Nov 07
ALF Strikes UCLA Vivisection. Property for Sale. - Oct 07
3 ARAs arrested during a peaceful, legal demonstration - October 2007
Bob the Tortoise, Trial - Oct 07
Underground "Free the Frogs" Campaign - Oct 07
Meat Protest - Oct 07
Reno Lab Protest - Oct 2007
HLS Supplier Moravek Biochemicals Is Targeted - Sept 07
Victory for Uncaged against pig organ transplant experiments - Sept 07
University of Connecticut Experiment Closed - Sept 07
Oregon Man's "Snowball" Seized - Sept 07
LA ARAs Picket - September 2007
Texas Activist Arrested - September 2007
HLS Suffers Renewed Attacks by ARAs - September 2007
Danae Kelley Arrested - August 2007
Missing Mink - August 2007
Operation White Marlin - August 2007
Roslyn activist fought to save monkeys
Warning Issued to Oregon Health Sciences Vivisector - August 2007
UCLA Monkey Madness - August 2007
Utah AR appeal for information - August 2007
UC San Francisco suit over live animal experiments - August 2007
Protestors vs. Eliot Spindel - August 2007
UCLA Vivisector Again Targeted for Animal Abuse - July 2007
Austin Activist Taking Veal & Foie Gras Purveyors to Task - July 2007
UCLA Vivisector Has Neighborhood Evacuated - July 2007
UCLA Vivisector Gets Heat for Animal Abuse - June 2007
ARAs Attack Utah Primate Researcher's Home - May 2007
Wisconsin Circus Protest - May 2007
Damage to Hunt Club in Wisconsin - May 2007
ALF Visits Utah Vivisector - April 2007
Protest for the Harvard Primates - April 2007
Wachovia Executive Attacked in Portland - April 2007
26 Freed Turtles - April 2007, South Carolina
Teen's anti-trapping protest draws crowd - March 2007
Wachovia Securities Exec. Attacked by ALF in Portland - March 2007
Blue Chip Farms Rabbit Rescue - February 2007
Hubnet Express Gets New Paint Job - February 2007
Sundance Protesters - January 2007
Utah Primate Freedom Protests - January 2007
FBI probes vandalism at quail farm - December 2006
Portland Fur Protestors - December, 2006
HLS MOBILE DEMO WRAP - December 2006
Activists Score Victory Against Battery Cages - September 2006
23 Rabbits Liberated from Massachusetts Lab - September 2006
A Champion of Animals - LRA Sanctuary, Sept 2006.
Activists Storm DC - August 2006. Animal rights advocates held demonstrations outside the Washington, D.C., offices of several major pharmaceutical companies.
Vivisector Dario Confirmed -- August 2006. UCLA confirms vivisectionist halts animal testing.
PA Puppy Mills -- Produced by an undercover animal-rights investigator hired by Bob Baker, a longtime animal advocate and a member of an ad hoc committee advising Gov. Rendell on the problem of puppy mills in Pennsylvania.
Costco Demo -- June 2006. Activists demonstrate at Costco Clubs in San Joaquin Valley.
35 hens -- June 2006. 35 hens were liberated from a battery cage facility in Delaware.
Battery Creek KFC -- May 2006. High school students protest KFC.
120 chickens --March 2006. Chickens liberated in CT.
UCSF wwail -- April 2006. "World Week for Animals in Labs" Demo Held at UCSF, April 26th, 2006 .
Mink Released -- May 1, 2006. Mink Released From Minnesota Ranch in Support of Jailed Activist Peter Young.
Red Lobster Threats -- April, 2006. American Hunt Saboteurs Association
2006 Seal Protest
Dem 031506
LA Fur Protest -- Fur Protest, Feb 11, 2006 in Chinatown, Los Angeles.
Hand-Activist -- Oct 4, 2005. Activists' Homes Raided by FBI. By Will Carless.
ALF & NYYC -- Aug 29, 2005. NY Yacht Club of New HLS Market Maker Executives Targeted by ALF; Carr Securities Stops Taking Orders for Stock Immediately.
Gilroy Rescue -- Aug 20, 2005. Hens rescued from foul egg farm in Gilroy.
Animal Place - Rescues -- Aug 2005.
8-05 Bay Hens -- Aug 2005.
AP hen rescue -- Aug 15, 2005. Local Sanctuaries Rescue Hundreds of Hens from Slaughter.
H Courtney -- Aug. 17, 2005. Securities firm traded stock of animal testing research group.
June12-2005 -- June 2005. Vandals attack Pennsylvania lab.
Geese rescued -- 4/26/05. Rescue/rehab of mutilated Canada geese.
Goslings -- They being rescued. Photo from .
Attack -- 30/09/02 ALF attacks HLS again
Marshs Home -- the ALF paid a visit to the home of Frank Tasco honorary director to Marsh Insurance.
Fur Wars -- Fur Wars Heat Up: A.L.F. is on the Warpath, by JP Goodwin.
Mink Raid -- A Fighting Chance: A First Hand Account of a Mink Raid.
Minks Lies -- Don't believe oppressors lies,  a response editorial by Chatham 3 defendant, Gary Yourofsky.
Frees dogs -- Dec 5, 2001. L iberation from a dog vivisection breeder. Marshall Farms - New Rose NY.
Best in Iowa -- Jan 2005. Dr. Steven Best visits the Iowa campus to explain ALF's raid in November, 2004.
UnderHound -- Feb 9, 2005. UnderHound Railroad Transports 95 to Safety. Also a link to the "Snoopy Express".
ALF vs. KFC in MS -- March 29, 2005 KFC in Hattiesburg MS was targeted by ALF.
ALF Fox Lib -- April 1, 2005. Fox farm raided by ALF in Bluffs, Illinois.
LSU Rat Liberation -- Louisiana State University Liberation of Rats; April 22, 2005.
ALF Attacks -- AR groups are making targets squirm with admittedly illegal acts executed by anonymous members.
Kentucky2 -- Vandals trash Bucks nursery, bash monkey business bid. Rampage wrecks plants, racks up damage.
Take the Chickens and Run! -- How 10 battery-caged hens came to live at UPC.
Forest_Labs_Protest -- Animal Rights Activists Step Up Attacks in N.Y. Families of Drug Executives Are Harassed .
Primate Plans -- June 2, 2005. Future Primate Facility Scuttled After Animal Liberation Front Attack.
ADL-LA -- Animal Liberation Actions in Southern California, 1995-2001.
Britches -- rescued in 1985. More: Britches

Weekly fur protest in Union Square in San Francisco

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Boston Burberry Protest, December 2006

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