Reporting from Sacramento -- Her inner alarm chimes before dawn, long before her dog Yoda emerges from his nightly nest amid the bed covers, before the proverbial rooster crows and the day begins for 19 million or so egg-laying chickens whose lives she worked to change. It's 5 a.m., and Jennifer Fearing is beginning another day as the rising star of California's animal protection movement.

The statehouse point person for the Humane Society of the United States plucks her iPhone from a bedside table and launches the first of hundreds of e-mails she'll send today. Fearing, raised an Air Force brat, calls her schedule "a wartime blessing and a peacetime curse." But it is routine for the 37-year-old, whose career took off with the landmark ballot measure California voters passed last fall easing the confinement of hens and other factory farm animals. Fresh from her victory as manager of that campaign, with its 19-hour days, she set up shop as the Humane Society's lobbyist in the Golden State.


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