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January 13, 2009

Received anonymously

The California National Primate Research Center, associated with UC Davis, currently imprisons and experiments on over 4,700 non-human primates. This alone is enough to force us into action. These animals are subjects of pure torture. They are forced to inhale deadly toxins; subject to studies of chronic stress. They are subject to painful reproductive experiments, and have their babies stolen from them as they cry in agony.

We are the Revolutionary Cells Animal Liberation Brigade and we could not stand by and let the atrocities continue. We chose two primate vivisectors and mailed them letter-bombs.

These individuals are Edward Schelegle at 3220 Oyster Bay Ave in Davis. Schelegle tortures intelligent primates in painful respiratory experiments that bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars for him and the university.

The other device was mailed to Catherine Vandevoort at 44601 El Macero DR in Davis. Vandevoort conducts torturous reproductive experiments on female primates.

This is not a hoax. Look at what we did to Chiron. Look at what we've done to Arthur Rosenbaum's BMW in LA.

This is the beginning of our campaign against UC Davis and the CNPRC and we will not end until the torture and killing of primates ends.

Dallas, Marta, Alice, and the rest of the crew; how are you sleeping at night?


Contact: Press Officer Jerry Vlasak, MD
Animal Liberation Press Office
6320 Canoga Avenue #1500
Woodland Hills, CA 91367


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