From Susan Bennett, July 27, 2009

We need people to come and show up for this parks board meeting August 19th. It's just a regular monthly meeting, but people are allowed to speak up. Jason (Miller) and I are hoping to have something of a civil demonstration outside the building, passing out information sheets, and asking people to stop the deer cull. It's our last chance before they start the cull. They did kill 29 does in January, all carrying unborn fawns. The property owners hired bow hunters to do this. They are allowed according to Lenexa City Code if the deer "trespass" on their property. Deer don't know property lines and the land owners refused to put up fencing; it was easier for them to hire killers to "get rid of the deer who stepped on their property.

Deer are confined in a park, very similar to "canned hunting". They are very much like pets because we humans have fed them, petted them, called and encouraged them to come to us. They are not afraid of humans. It will be not any different than "rounding" up a group of stray dogs and killing them ... it's so sad.

We need people. The very few who seemed to "sympathize" and indicated they would help, have fizzled out and Jason and I are mostly on our own. Most people say: "Gee, it's too bad, but ... "

Below is a letter Jason (Miller) wrote that gives a bit of a summary. I'm exhausted. I've written hundreds, maybe thousands of letters to every politician, celebrity, organization, have a page on FB, youtube and every place I can think to get the word out.

I was interviewed on local news and newspaper, but made to look like an animal sympathizer .... which would have been ok with me, but they made the bow hunters look like "deer managers" .... I look like some old lady with a hundred cats or something .. it's how the media portrayed this.

 I feel like I've exhausted every possible person, organization and done all I can do. These deer do not deserve this. It's more than morally wrong, it's political. Ask me any question about deer and I'll probably be able to answer it. I have read, studied, researched, interviewed everything and everyone about every possible kind of deer ... every city or area where they live, studied every possible alternative solution ... there are several, but the parks officials and politicians won't listen. Another meeting is planned for August 19th. Jason and I will be there.

Here's Jason's letter:

The Johnson County parks board has voted to implement lethal means to deal with the deer "overpopulation problem." On a day TBA this fall, law enforcement sharp-shooters will descend upon this public park and rain a hail of bullets on deer who have been drawn to bait stations by food. If that massacre doesn't reduce the deer population by 75%, the board has authorized allowing professional bow hunters into the park to further "cull" the herd in November.

Our position is that there is no over-population problem. There is no evidence of over-grazing in the park or starvation amongst the deer. There has not been a significant uptick in deer-related auto accidents. The threat of lyme disease has been significantly over-blown and is part of the ruse that deer haters, home-owners and golfers who view the deer as pests, and avid hunters are using to murder voiceless, defenseless sentient beings.

There is no deer problem. There is a people problem. Over-development has driven the deer into the confines of the park and has eliminated their natural predators.

Home-owners bordering the park have a lawn and garden problem. Not a deer problem. They need to take the simple measures of fencing and applying repellents if they don't want the deer feeding in their yards. They knew the park had deer when they bought or rented their homes.

And even if it did become necessary to manage the deer population, there are more effective means. "Culling" actually promotes rapid population growth as the does begin having more fawns to make up for the declining population. Trapping and relocating, sterilization, repellents, green tunnels, and fencing are much more effective strategies in the long-term. And since the "deer problem" is a human-created problem, we have a moral obligation to resolve it with non-lethal means.

Please sign the petition opposing this deer cull: