LAAS Demo Wrap:
February 22nd, 2009

LOS ANGELES: A full van-load (and then some) participated in two demonstrations on Sunday, February 22, 2009 on behalf of the tens of thousands of cats, dogs, puppies and kittens being needlessly killed under General Manager Ed Boks. One was the neighborhood of the Deputy Mayor Dan Grunfeld at 2307 Duxbury Circle in Los Angeles; he has the ability to get the Mayor to do what the voters expected of him four years ago, which was to hire a general manager who would implement No Kill Solutions' "No Kill Equation" at LA city animal "shelters". The Mayor and his side-kick, Jimmy Blackman, had promised the humane community that they would bring in No Kill Solutions as a consultant to begin to revamp the city shelters into humane no kill shelters; but instead Villaraigosa hired the corrupt, lying, and dastardly Ed Boks. Now killing is up at the city shelters and Villaraigosa is running for a second term.

Grunfeld lives in a quiet residential neighborhood of "Beverlywood," but you wouldn't know it by his neighbors. Previously one neighbor came out and assaulted two activists and broke their video camera. The next time this same neighbor came out with another male who looked like he came right out of the movie Deliverance and pulled a bolt action rifle and a hand gun on activists! Eventually activists had to call police to protect them from these crazed neighbors whenever they went to protest in Grunfeld's neighborhood. On another occasion, the same neighbor came out of his home pulling up his pants that were down around his knees. He yelled to activists that he hates Grunfeld and wants him dragged to the kill room!" So activists asked him "Then why did you pull the gun on US the last time we were here peacefully picketing?" The neighbor yelled back something about Grunfeld killing animals; so it sounds as if the neighbor is now on the animals side!! Better for a crazy neighbor to be on the animals side then the opposition's!

Next stop was Robin Kramer, Chief of Staff for Mayor Villaraigosa. She is also very involved in human charities (unfortunately she feels NO charity for the animals being slaughtered under Ed Boks management.) She sits on the board of Temple Israel of Hollywood, the Broad Street Shul Project, Broad Foundation, and her husband Neil works as the Dean of Faculty at New Community Jewish High School in West Hills. Don't they both realize that what they are doing to animals is similar to what Hitler did to Jews during Nazi Germany? Or do they care ONLY about their own species and simply don't give a damn about anyone who isn't "Jewish?" Don't they know the Jewish proverbs:
"The righteous person regards the life of his beast." (Proverbs 12:10)

"The Lord is good to all, and His tender mercies are over all His creatures." (Ps. 145:9)

Hebrew phrase "tsa'ar ba'alei chayim", the Torah mandates not to cause "pain to any living creature."


Well, activists are committed to continuing to let Grunfeld's and Kramer's neighbors know just what they do for a living, and the fact that they refuse to take responsibility for saving thousands of animals' lives by getting rid of the obscene LA Animal Services general manager Ed Boks.