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The picture above is from a construction site two doors down from where Dan Grunfeld lives. We believe Grunfeld himself wrote the commentary "FU*# The Animal People!" We thought it was really funny and was worth this picture!

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Dan Grunfeld (Deputy Mayor) Demo Wrap Up!

Unfortunately, the city council cannot fire LA Animal Services General Manager Ed Boks (or he would have been gone LONG AGO); but the Mayor and his deputies can fire him and replace him ASAP with the consulting firm No Kill Solutions(NKS) who would come in and revamp the shelter system and bring it into the 21st Century! NKS would also hire a General Manager and Assistant General Manager (for less money then Ed Boks and Linda Barth are currently being paid,) saving the city money right off the bat.

ADL-LA has been telling our readers from January 1st, 2006, the REAL scoop on Ed Boks--how he was fired from his two previous positions as General Manager because of his corruption, ineptitude, use of Sternberg's temperament testing when he claimed he wasn't using TT, and his "cooking the books." We gave our readers actual quotes from those who had worked with Boks in Arizona and NYC, and we explained that the ONLY reason Boks was hired by Villariagosa is because billionaire Gary Michelson offered the Mayor a large contribution to his campaign--pay to play. ADL-LA knows this to be true because two board members were witnesses to Michelson's push for Boks to be General Manager of LAAS and were also told about secret meetings he had with the Mayor's office. ADL-LA and others begged Michelson to realize that by his pressing for Boks to be hired, he would be indirectly killing thousands of animals, but Michelson wouldn't listen to anyone but his own ego and Villaraigosa was more then happy to enter into a pay to play with Michelson since all the Mayor cares about is money to fund his political career.

Even after all ADL-LA's relentless forewarning and attempts to block Ed Boks from becoming General Manager of LAAS, certain insiders within the so called Los Angeles "welfarist/humane community" didn't listen either. They went along with the money and Gary Michelson, losing their soul in the process. In fact, some of these insiders went out drinking, partying, and planning Hooters fund raisers with Boks and multiple women in the welfarist community were completely captivated with him because they thought of him as the "guru" of animal sheltering and the fact that he was promising them "jobs" (these jobs never materialized.) Other women who were uninterested in Boks were sexually harassed by him and at least one lawsuit is currently pending against him regarding that issue.

But ADL-LA persisted and now everyone, including the LAAS employees, the City Council and most of those insiders within the "welfarist/humane community" realize what we have been telling everyone for the past three years; ED BOKS HAS GOT TO GO!

However, since the city council cannot fire Boks this is one reason activists have concentrated on those with the power to get rid of Boks. Those who with a stroke of their pen can get his arse canned and bring in consulting firm No Kill Solutions: obviously Antonio Villaraigosa, but also his inner circle of deputy mayors and Chief's of Staff. Men like Dan Grunfeld, whose neighborhood activists' picketed last Saturday, demanding that Boks be fired and No Kill Solutions be brought on board as both Villaraigosa and deputy Mayor Jimmy Blackman promised back in 2005.

It just so happened that when activists arrived in the neighborhood of 2307 Duxbury Circle, the tawny enclave of "Beverlywood", Mrs. Grunfeld was unloading groceries from the back of her car. A female activist asked politely to speak with her or her husband about No Kill Solutions and why Boks needs to be fired immediately. But Mrs. Grunfeld not only turned away, but refused to speak with the polite picketer.

This is why folks, corrupt, devious and incompetent individuals like Ed Boks are still making their six figures a year, overseeing a shelter system whose death rate has increased over 30% since he's been in charge and who, under Boks and his side kick Linda Barth, CUT the spay/neuter vouchers for low-income families. It's just this type of nasty, uncaring and hardheartedness about the slaughter of animals by Villaraigosa and his inner circle that has allowed Boks to kill animals for so long. But the fact that activists have persisted in their true activism, that finally not only all those in the "welfarists/human community", but even the City Council realize why activists have been demonstrating for over three years against Ed Boks.

Now is the time for everyone to call, e-mail and write the mayor's office and his deputies and tell them that Ed Boks and Linda Barth MUST GO, and the city must bring in No Kill Solutions to consult and revamp our city shelters into progressive, humane and compassionate facilities where life and not death prevails.

Robin Kramer
Robin Kramer's Office: 213-922-9739

Dan Grunfeld
Dan Grunfeld's Office: 213-922-9750

Jimmy Blackman
Direct Office Phone Number: 213 922-9748
Office Assistant's Number 213-922-9749 Jessica Oleta

Antonio Villaraigosa
Home Address (which YOU are paying for:) 605 S. Irving Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90005
200 North Spring St.
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Fax at (213) 978-0655

More information about the slaughter of innocent animals going on inside LAAS under the command of Ed Boks are contained on the web sites  and