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Los Angeles: 10-28-07

Activists picketed three sadists responsible for the needless killing going on at the six LA city Death Camps this past Sunday. First up on the sadist list was Robin Kramer. If you don't know already, Kramer is Villaraigosa's Chief of Staff, and allowed the appointment of Ed Boks to be General Manager of the six Los Angeles city animal shelters. Under Boks, LA city shelters are virtual DEATH CAMPS for tens of thousands of healthy, treatable, lost and homeless animals.

The Mayor's office had announced to the humane community in October of 2005, that they were going to hire No Kill Solutions to come in and evaluate the department of Animal Services and begin to implement programs that have been shown to drastically decrease the kill rate and increase the adoption rate of animals in municipal shelters such as Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Ithica, N.Y. But, this plan changed abruptly and Boks was appointed in December of 2005; and the animals are paying for it with their very lives. Kramer, like Jimmy Blackman can and should convince the Mayor to stop the killing by getting rid of the killer, liar and fraud Ed Boks.

Next up was the psychopathic General Manager Ed Boks, himself. Activists educated the neighbors about the continuous slaughter, Boks' lies and his $165,000 annual salary to do nothing but blog, booze, and chase the babes instead of making the simple and obvious effort to establish a No Kill shelter here in Los Angeles. Well, he made the same false promises in New York City and Maricopa County - and was respectively fired and asked to leave those two locations. Jimmy Blackman didn't do his homework, though, when he allowed Boks to come out to Los Angeles and foist his fulminating psychoses on the animals and citizens of this fair city. Ah, we understand. There was the promise of a million-dollar campaign contribution for Antonio's future gubernatorial run, and - of course - that eclipsed any consideration for the animals!

Activists are on to you, Eddie - have been since the day you started your nefarious reign in our city. You're a great chef - you sure know how to cook the books! The truth has long since emerged, Ed. The bogus charges against activists and the pompous Press Releases weren't able to hide it. It eventually comes out to bite your slimy butt - and the activists will continue to show up to protest at the over-priced little condo on South Bentley purchased with the public's hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

The last and final stop on the animal abuser picket marathon, was Samuel Blackman, father of Deputy Mayor Jimmy Blackman and Jing Ying Blackman, Jimmy's mom - at 7851 Kenyon Ave. in L.A. - to take them to task for their lousy-ass parenting. We don't know what values they imparted to their son, but compassion for animals was empirically excluded. Jimmy Blackman blatantly refuses to do ANYTHING for the animals languishing in our six municipal shelters - much less implement the proven programs, policies, procedures, and protocols of No Kill Solutions which would stem the tide of the ongoing slaughter of tens of thousands of healthy, treatable, and adoptable animals who have the misfortune to fall into the murderous clutches of the sociopathic and two-tome loser General Manager Ed Boks.

You may remember that it was Jimmy Blackman who recently threatened LAAS commissioner Marie Atake for speaking out against Ed Boks - but Marie one-upped the little bully boy and resigned! Furthermore, she exposed the corruption and obstruction of the key players in the LAAS debacle with a courageously and eloquently written article for the L.A. Times.

Now the public at large knows the truth about all the sleazeballs in the sandbox - Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, General Manager Ed Boks, and Deputy Mayor Jimmy Blackman - jointly responsible for the relentless murder of Los Angeles' dispossessed companion animals and displaced wildlife. We salute Marie's commitment and valor in squarely confronting another sociopathic politician who thought that his prestigious position would allow him to throw his weight around and intimidate a Commissioner. Marie's article brought the self-perceived king of the hill back down into the flatlands where the animal rights activists will continue to protest him until he makes the right choice for the animals.

Activists wrapped up their demonstration and departed for home knowing that the animals' voices were heard.

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