Communique from the Justice Department
Date: March 26, 2009
Institution Targeted: UCLA Primate Vivisection

Received anonymously:

We sent three 'greeting cards' to three nasty primate vivisectors, one to Edythe London at xxxx Edgely Place Los Angeles California 90024, one to Joaquin Fuster at xxxx Pesquera Drive Los Angeles California 90049 and one to Peter A. Anton at xxxx Hollywood Boulevard Apartment xxx Los Angeles California 90046. In each we sent four needles dipped in rat poison strategically placed so when they opened the letter one of the needles would puncture them. The irony is that we got these needles from a primate laboratory at ucla.

What goes around comes around. Not that getting stuck with a needle is going to do much to these sick bastards who confine, torment and drive primates psychotic, but just know this.

When you least expect it, in a hallway or on an elevator, in the stairwell or going to your car after torturing primates all day, you'll get a much bigger puncture from a 10cc syringe right in your back filled with rat poison, and we'll be gone so fast you'll never know who did it. We know where you go during the day, we know where you do your dry cleaning, we know where you shop and we know that you will end up being cornered and taught a lesson you and your family will never forget. Until you end your experimentation on primates, we'll be in your life forever watching, waiting and then doing to you exactly what you do to them.

Justice Department

KPCC News In Brief
April 2, 2009
Scientists attacked by violent animal rights activists organize

A group of scientists at UCLA say they’ve formed a new organization to publicly counter opponents of animal research. Some of these opponents have tried to drive home their point with fire bombings, vandalism, and intimidation in several Southland incidents in recent years. KPCC’s Adolfo Guzman-Lopez has the story.

Adolfo Guzman-Lopez: About a month ago, UCLA psychiatrist David Jentsch awoke before dawn at his Beverly Glen home to find his car engulfed in flames.

David Jentsch: Two days later the Animal Liberation Brigade took responsibility – and threatened to extend their actions to me personally, beyond my property.

Guzman-Lopez: Jentsch conducts experiments on mice and monkeys in the hope he’ll find cures for mental disorders. No animal rights extremists have been charged in connection with the incidents at his home and others. Jentsch says that’s caused many researchers to live in fear.

Jentsch: Nobody, including myself in the past, came out and really made a visible stance. Why? Because you could be next.

Guzman-Lopez: He’s started a group called UCLA Pro-Test. Supporters plan to counter an animal rights rally on campus later this month.

Jerry Vlasak is a Los Angeles physician who defends the extremists’ tactics, serves as their spokesman, and says he doesn’t engage in unlawful actions. He says his side’s argument will carry the day at the rally.

Jerry Vlasak: They’re not likely to get very far because the public will wise up once we offer to debate them. Their literature will be ridiculed once it’s available.

And they’re claiming that they’re going to be doing somewhat of a counter-protest on April 22nd and the word is spreading wide throughout the animal rights community, and it’s really just galvanizing the animal rights community.

Guzman-Lopez: Both agree that society needs a reasoned debate about the benefits of using and killing animals for medical research. They disagree about what might happen when that debate proves fruitless.

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