UCLA police on Monday stand in the doorway to Murphy Hall while animal rights protesters shout and picket against Joaquin Fuster’s experiments with rhesus monkeys.

Reports from Los Angeles, Westwood, Los Olivos and La Jolla

July 21, 2009


Activists protest primate research

Between 80 and 100 animal rights activists Monday protested ongoing primate research at UCLA.

Members of Stop Animal Exploitation Now marched to Chancellor Gene Block's office in Murphy Hall, asking him to halt researcher Joaquin Fuster's primate experiments with rhesus monkeys.

UCLA spokesman Phil Hampton said research projects undergo a strict vetting process to ensure they are warranted. He said Fuster's research has made major contributions to the understanding of how memory works.

About 15 police officers were on hand; no one was arrested or injured.

UCLA neuroscientist J. David Jentsch, whose silver Volvo was set on fire March 7, organized a pro-research rally at UCLA on April 22. His demonstration was sparked by a string of arson attacks and threats against UCLA scientists since 2006.

-- Nicole Santa Cruz