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UCPD's war on animal rights activists, designed to intimidate and silence the voices of those who speak up for the 40,000 animals currently exploited in UC-Berkeley laboratories, continues.

The below report was sent in to us, and is especially relevant in light of the University of California's current plans: the building of the 267-million dollar Li Ka-Shing Center for Biomedical and Health Sciences at University Avenue and Oxford Way on the UC Berkeley campus that will include a 70 percent expansion of the vivisection facilities, UC-Santa Cruz's plan for construction of a "biomedical" facility that would vastly expand vivisection at the university, UC-Irvine's construction of a new vivisection laboratory, etc.

Joseph was arrested by a Berkeley PD officer in mid-December on a trespassing warrant. This was his third activism related arrest in just over a year. The warrant was issued December 12, 2008. The crime is alleged to have occurred "or or about July 10, 2008," some five months earlier! His backpack was searched by a smiling UCPD officer, who searched and called in that it was "negative on molotov cocktails and weapons of mass destruction."


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