PARK CITY — People dressed up in costumes at the Sundance Film Festival? That's nothing new. And believe it or not, the sight of people who are made up to look like flesh-eating zombies isn't new to Park City or the festival either.

The difference this time was that the "zombies" were members of the Animal Defense League of Salt Lake City, who were to make a point about supposed acts of animal cruelty.

Bearing signs that read such slogans as "Fur is dead," "Fur is for zombies," and "Fur is dead ugly," a dozen or so members of the Salt Lake-based group protested outside the Park City Furs location on Main Street Sunday afternoon.


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Chase Masterson walks past a line of animal rights activists Sunday.
Both photos by Kristin Murphy, Deseret News

Brittany Davis, of Sugar House, yells as she protests fur wearers with other animal rights activists in Park City.