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UCLA Confirms Ringach Has Stopped Testing

UCLA Confirms Vivisector Dario Ringach Has Halted Animal Experimentation

Los Angeles- In a press release issued yesterday, UCLA has confirmed that vivisector Dario Ringach has stopped his experimentation on non-human primates. Ringach had claimed in an email to this Press Office that he has halted all animal experimentation, after years of sticking metal coils to primate's eyes, paralyzing them and then killing them in a misguided attempt to study eye movement in humans.

We won't be protesting Ringach any longer, but we will NEVER forget the non human primates that Dario Ringach experimented on." - anti-vivisection activist

As paid representatives of the pharmaceutical industry at Federation of Biomedical Research and UCLA whine about the fact that Ringach has chosen to do the scientifically valid and moral thing and stop animal experiments, instead of wasting scarce healthcare dollars on out-dated and archaic animal models, this Press Office believes that Dario is only one of many who will stop doing animal experimentation early in this century.

This Press Office cannot speculate as to why Dario Ringach gave up his abhorrent vivisection experiments on non-human primates. Maybe he finally heard the screams of the animals in their cages; or maybe he realized that what he was doing was NOT helping Americans and was scientific fraud, or maybe he just simply didn't want the hassle of dealing with animal rights activists. But the primates don't care why Ringach quit experimenting on them; they're just thrilled that he did.

In the 21st Century there is no longer any need to experiment on animals. While 20,000 children are dying each week for lack of clean water to drink, and the majority of Americans are dying of diseases easily preventable with a plant-based diet, vivisectors are continuing to waste hundreds of millions of dollars on ineffectual, cruel research aimed only at producing useless data and procuring more grants. Like the Southern plantation owners of the early 1800s, who also whined, kicked and screamed when seeing their traditional way of life being altered, vivisectors too use the lame excuses that they must continue to do business as usual and MUST continue to harbor their slaves to keep the system functioning. Vivisectors are the 21st Century slave owners/killers and their habituation and dependence on an outdated scientific model such as animal experimentation will end; but not without a fight.

As Bob Dylan once sung, "The times they are a changin"; so too is the vivisection industry. A multi-billion dollar corporate and governmental bureaucracy that is only making people sicker is turning their backs on ways to save the lives of Americans by emphasizing preventative medicine. The pharmaceutical industry will one day realize that they can make just as much money using modern methods of research, which would lower the cost of drugs significantly, but will also give the drug companies a greater profit margin. It's a win-win situation. Getting rid of animal experimentation is good science, good medicine, good business and the ethical thing to do.

For more information visit www.uclaprimatefreedom.com/ or the North American Animal Liberation Press Office at (818) 932-9997. www.animalliberationpressoffice.org.

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