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Animal Experimentation at Donetsk and Vivariums Nationwide


President Viktor Yanukovych
252008 Kiev
Vul. Bankova, 11

Mr. President,

I am afraid that among animal welfare organizations and activists, your country is known as one of the worst in Europe in regard to its treatment of animals. The international news have been full of reports how strays are killed in huge numbers - by shooting, poisoning, burning alive in mobile crematoriums - for the 2012 Euro football championship.

We all know, so does the world at large.

But, as if this were not enough, more gross abuse and atrocity has surfaced:
The images and videos taken at your Medical University of Donetsk in July 2011 show animals such as dogs, rats, mice etc. destined to be used in barbaric experimentation living in utter squalor. These experiments include limb-amputation and educational surgeries on internal organs without prior anaesthesia.

I would ask you to imagine undergoing such procedures without anaesthesia yourself, and perhaps you get some sort of idea what these helpless beings go through.

It is truly beyond belief that in our time and age such medieval conditions as shown in the videos and such - and it must be called that - torture - is legally inflicted on being so like us.



В донецком медуниверситете устроили концлагерь для собак-смертников
Виварий медунивера - концлагерь для собак-смертников

I wish it were different, but sadly this one vivarium at Donetsk is not an isolated case - as I am sure you know.
We can, I think, confidently expect similar conditions and experimentation to take place in universities and laboratories throughout the Ukraine. And untold number of animals is being forced through this man-made hell every day.
And for what little gain, if any?
Do you call this education?

Sir - I urge you to stop turning a blind eye to the suffering of these animals and to stop ignoring the petitions and letters of your citizens urging you to put an end to these outdated experiments.

There are modern and humane alternatives that are internationally recognised and preferred by universities and students: k.A14E/Humane_Education.htm

Also they tend to be cheaper, while preparing students for what they can expect in their future careers. It does not pay any more to hang on to such outdated practices. And the Ukrainian institutes and universities who conduct such *research* will soon find themselves woefully out of line with international standards as practiced elsewhere.

I would ask you to bear this in mind.

I therefore trust that you will take the necessary steps to remedy this situation forthwith.

Please make sure your positive decision and action is broadly communicated, or else the continuing protest and boycott must remain in place.

Thank you.


Diana Hartig


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