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Animal rights activists hack 'Dog Wars' app

Animal rights protesters have taken sneaky and decisive action to
shame users of "Dog Wars," a controversial dogfighting app that was
removed from the Android Market app store in April.

Hackers have rigged older versions of the "Dog Wars" app with a Trojan
that hijacks users' smartphones and sends out a mass text message to
all their contacts reading, "I take pleasure in hurting small animals,
just thought you should know that," the security firm Symantec

(Once available in Google's Android Market, "Dog Wars" was removed in
April but is still circulating on unauthorized file-sharing sites.)

The Trojanized dogfighting app looks nearly identical to the real one,
except for one important letter substitution: the word "BETA" appears
in the real app's logo; the manipulated Android app reads "Dog Wars -
PETA," a nod to the animal rights group People for the Ethical
Treatment of Animals.

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