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The issue at hand that I am posting here is regarding both BJ Viehl and Alex Hall, the "AETA 2", who are activists being prosecuted with AETA, legislation pushed by the animal enterprise industry to label *nonviolent* civil disobedience activism as "terrorism". As of April 17th, there are 24 days left before Utah animal rights activists BJ Viehl and Alex Hall's trial begins. Alex Hall needs funds to afford a good attorney for his trial. BJ & Alex are currently allegedly accused of a mink liberation and an attempted mink liberation. AETA, the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, this legislation is demonizing of the animal rights movement and targets ideology, not tactics.

Explicitly stated in the legislation itself it states that nonviolent acts which cause no bodily harm and yet which cause disruption of animal enterprise profits is terrorism, a.k.a. nonviolent civil disobedience. It is unjust for criminal punishment to be "enhanced" simply because of one's ideology.

Had Martin Luther King, Jr. been alive today, his nonviolent civil disobedience which caused substantial economic losses would have been deemed "terrorism".

Utah activists have raised $5000 already in local fundraising efforts, but need $5000 more to reach a $10,000 minimum to afford Alex Hall a good lawyer for the trial. They have only raised 4% of this $5000 goal.

Having a good lawyer is the best weapon against the infamous subjectivity and prejudices of juries (be it racial, sexist, or political). This is strongly a political trial.

If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated and is greatly needed:


Mail money or checks to the following address:


PO Box 2555

SLC, UT 84110

Make any checks payable to SLAAM.

Other ways to send money and support:

1) Send $25 or more to Alex Hall's legal funds and get art from

2) Spend $20 and get a support shirt from

3) Donate $20-$30 and get a "No Fucking Whey" handpainted mug. See

More Info:

Support BJ & Alex Website

MySpace Support BJ & Alex

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Thank you,

"Media for Animal Liberation"

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