Steps to posting anything and avoiding traceability:

1. Walk into any coffee shop with wireless and take out your laptop.

2. Before connecting to the internet or the wireless router, change the MAC address of your wireless card.

3. Start up a VPN service that uses a minimum of 256 bit encryption. Make sure it is a trustworthy VPN service with both public and private keys (obvious I know).

4. Start up tor.

5. Disable javascript, java, active x controls, cookies, etc. on your browser.

6. Connect your VPN THROUGH your tor connection (which should be running as a server)

7. Browse to your hearts content.

additionally you might add this level of security:

8. Use a Virtual Machine with the above configuration and set the NIC card to Bridged (that way it has its own IP)

Its work, but for anyone watching it will look like someone high jacked your computer and was stealing your internet connection.

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