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Snitches, Security and Suspected ELFers
A discussion of basic movement security
 and the federal snitch program.
by Jim Flynn

You Have the Right to Remain Silent.pdf  showed, even talking about unrelated things that happened on the day of the action is stupid. It appears that a few people may have talked to Jake about things vaguely related to the day and the events surrounding certain arsons, over the phone and in person while he was wearing a wire. Never ever talk about a past "criminal" action or anything related to it! NOT EVEN TO SOMEONE YOU DID THE ACTION WITH!

Be suspicious of old "friends" who try to initiate conversations about old actions. (See above.) Don't do things like major arson with people who are not REALLY well known to you, have a drug habit, have nothing to lose, or have little or no connection to you or your friends.

Once in custody, shut the fuck up! Get a lawyer. (If your lawyer advises you that talking will get you a lighter sentence, get a new lawyer.) Don't admit to anything. REFUSE TO SPEAK ABOUT OTHERS. Anyone who watches TV knows (and for those of you who don't) THE POLICE LIE TO GET YOU TO TALK. How basic is that? You can't believe a word they say. They will break every law and civil right on the books to get information. They are motivated by arrests and convictions, not truth and justice, not saving the planet, not being your friend, or even being a respectable cop. They have no shame. They are NOT trying to help you. They DO NOT have the power to make deals, plea bargains or "talk to the judge or DA." They are out to screw you and/or all of your friends.

The name of the game for the feds is to threaten/pressure one or more people to squeal on others. They threaten long sentences. They promise shorter ones if you cooperate. Their snitch program is well-practiced and ruthless. It is designed to inflict the maximum damage to the most people. Frequently the first person arrested (like, say, a dealer) is arrested and promised leniency if they cooperate. They then rat on their friends/clients, who are then arrested. Those people are leaned on and more people are indicted and/or arrested. If enough people are arrested, convicted and sentenced to long sentences, the original arrestee-turned-informant is give little or no jail time even if they were guilty of bigger crimes. Their charges and sentence are tied directly to the success of the other convictions.

This has happened in this case. It started with a few people talking through grand juries and/or police/FBI pressure. Somewhere along the way Jake was convinced to talk, be their lackey and wear a wire. Information was gathered; arrests were made. Arrestees were threatened with "life in prison," and one of them, Stan, started talking. He kept talking, may still be talking, and has indicated he will testify against others. He has had time to name many people and many actions by now. Hopefully he will wise up and stop talking before he does more damage.

Once it is known that someone is talking, people who knew that person during the period in question should take appropriate action, BUT BE DISCRETE! The feds have apparently been following, watching and listening to many of us for the past few years, and you can bet they are monitoring closely now [FUCK OFF, COPPERS!] to see if anyone destroys evidence, contacts old action buddies, or attempts to flee. Do what you need to do, but be smart and be careful. Don't do anything that would give them more information than they already have.

The first round of arrests was based on the intel the feds had BEFORE the arrests. Now they have quite a bit more info. There WILL BE more surveillance, more indictments, more arrests and certainly more subpoenas. Hopefully, those people keep their mouths shut, and the damage will be minimized.

We cannot let the feds and a few snitches deter our "movement." Instead, we need to learn from our mistakes and get back to the important work of stopping the real eco-terrorists.

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