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Billboard Liberations
from No Compromise Issue 22
By Shadow Activist

Ever wonder how those crazy A.L.F. activists liberate animals without getting caught, shatter windows in the blink of an eye, and leap tall buildings in a single bound? The Shadow Activist knows! And in each action-packed issue of NC will explain how intrepid activists on the front-lines are making direct action work for the animals.

This column is produced independently of No Compromise. It is intended purely for entertainment, educational and other legal purposes. It is in no way meant to encourage anyone to take illegal action. No Compromise, its steering committee, volunteer staff, and other contributors assume no liability for any such actions.

Dear Shadow Activist,
I have always wanted to improve billboards, but how can I be sure that my hard work won’t be taken down the next day?
- Ready in Reno

Dear Ready,

Although there is no way to tell for certain when a billboard will be changed (or if that timeline will change after you complete your improvement), there are some standards you can follow, according to our friends over at the Billboard Liberation Front.

Bulletins are one type of billboard you may encounter. They are large outdoor sign structures, typically situated alongside federal highways and major urban freeways. They measure 14 x 48 feet and are usually leased in multi-month contracts, meaning that an advertisement will stay in place for at least 60 days.

Poster panels are another type of billboard and come in two varieties: the larger, thirty-sheet type, and the smaller, eight-sheet type of poster panel.

The thirty-sheet poster panels measure 12 x 25 feet and are situated along primary and secondary roadways. These are usually updated every 30 days.

The eight-sheet poster panels measure 6 x 12 feet and are usually found in high-density urban neighborhoods and suburban shopping areas. They are designed to reach both pedestrian and vehicular traffic and are leased in 30-day increments.

Dear Shadow Activist,
What is the best adhesive to use if I want to improve a billboard?
- Adhesive-less in Arkansas

Dear Adhesive-less,

If your improvement is something that is easily adhesive, try rubber cement, applied with house-paint rollers from a large bucket. Don’t forget to wipe down any condensation that may be on the billboard before you start.

If your material is heavier and you think that rubber cement won’t make the grade, you may have to employ metal hex-head screws to keep your improvement in place.

Dear Shadow Activist,
What is the best resource out there if I want to learn to improve billboard?
- Ignorant in Idaho

Dear Ignorant,

The definitive guide to billboard alteration is “The Art and Science of Billboard Improvement.” You can read it online at The same rules apply to billboard liberation as with any type of action. Be prepared, keep it safe, and obey the guidelines of security cultre.

That’s all for now, readers. See you next issue!

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